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Well, another Galway Arts Festival has come and gone and I have to say that the festival organisers have really outdone themselves again this year. As usual, the vibe in the city was excellent during the festival.

This year I went to see ‘Love, Love, Love’ in the Town Hall Theatre. The one thing that I feel about the Town Hall theatre which I don’t feel about any other theatre in Galway is that for that particular theatre, if the play is in the main theatre space and not the studio is the need to dress for going out when going to this theatre. However, I don’t really feel that it is necessary for this too much when going to the Black Box theatre. For there,  smart casual is usually your best bet when going to the plays there. Went to see the brilliant ‘Misterman’ there. Cillian Murphy was absolutely superb in it. 

In terms of this years live gigs at the Big Top on Nun’s Island, the organisers made great decisions in terms of artists performing at it..The concerts I was lucky enough to attend were the Bel x1/Duke Special gig on the Saturday and on Wednesday, Blondie. This is the second time that I have seen Blondie live, the first time was during the Arts Festival three years ago.

I was really impressed this year at the impact of the visual arts part of the festival. Unfortunately I did not get to see all of the gallery exhibits this year, however I did get to the Absolut gallery again this year in the rather out of the way location of the Headford Road Shopping centre. I wanted to see the exhibits in the Galway museum, but I never got to get to see them. Might get to see more next year

A nice thing that I like about the festival is the way in which it aims to bring the Arts to a wider audience by bringing shows to the people in the street. How this is done by bringing some shows like this years

Dinosaur Petting Zoo


 Macnas Parade.

 As well as these, there are also shows by acrobats and other street performers to enjoy that are and are not involved with the Galway Arts Festival. Street performers are always there on Shop Street during good weather in Spring and during the Summer months (and sometimes in Autumn, up to October at least)   Such attractions help to show people that the arts are not restricted to project in a gallery, theatre or even live performances.

For an awful long time I have wondered and indeed at times I have blogged about, how this festival doesn’t receive as big a crowd as the Galway races does. However, the general public have pleasantly surprised me this year and helped to make the Arts festival in Galway the most successful event in Galway so far this year. I am very pleased with this I can tell you, as it is a festival of note and deserves all the success it gets. The festival organisers really put on a great show each year. i hope this is true also of next years festival.

(Part two coming soon)


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