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Well the weekend course went well. Everyone on the course was so friendly. Really enjoyed it. It was so refreshing to have somewhat of an idea of what making a film entails. Unlike the times that I felt I was floundering in the Information Technologies module in my Masters.  Speaking of which, I finally am through with the course and am qualified. Which pleases me greatly I can tell you. It took me a long time to get to this point. On the downside however I found out that I was not eligible for the internship in Galway library. Anyways, c'est ça.  I have tried for other jobs in the meantime. I went to the showing of both films last Wednesday and they both turned out to be fantastic.

Whoops, forgot to mention about Teen Wolf in the last post. But yes, Teen Wolf was back on our screens, as was Sleepy Hollow, Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and Grimm. All in all am one busy fangirl this weather. Marvel Agents of SHIELD was also back on our screens. I saw that episode where the guest star is the legendary Stan Lee, it was brilliant. How the series finished in the season finale was really really brilliant. Cannot wait until series 2 hits our screens. Really enjoyed watching The Musketeers, Peter Capaldi was absolutely brilliant in it. To be honest, I think it was a mistake to say that the Cardinal would be killed off. What if instead, he decides to retreat to a monastery.  Also, I think I have mentioned in the previous post that I am not particularly pleased that we have to wait until August for a new episode of Doctor Who. However, thankfully photos and videos are starting to trickle in from Cardiff. Have no idea of what is going on in it but it all looks very exciting. Peter Capaldi looks amazing as the Doctor. Can't wait to see his Doctor in action in August now. The Teen Wolf S3b was really amazing, such a good series, it went from strength to strength if you ask me. It's such a pity though that still S3 cannot find some channel too show it on. (Don't even get me started on iTunes Ireland, it's a joke. They don't even offer TV series on it) Also, In the Flesh was back on our screens, I really enjoyed it, I hope that it get's a third series.

The exciting news that I have is that I had gotten tickets for both MCM Comic Con in April (first con of the year) and Dublin Comic Con in August.  The MCM Dublin con was absolutely brilliant. The only bug bear that I have about it Also have the Wolf's Bane 2 tickets that I had ordered back a few weeks after I come home from Wolf's Bane in September, thankfully have my e-ticket in hand for when I go over next month. I have all nearly sorted for going over to that con, I have already my room booked(and now confirmed) in the hotel, I have also booked my flight over. I just have to get a list together of what I'm packing. I also have to see is it too late to book photo ops. I also booked some of the tickets for the Galway Arts Festival.  It's very exciting, this year we not only have John Mahoney returning during the Arts Festival. We also see this year the return of Cillian Murphy and also Stephen Rea is joining him this time. Have to try and book tickets for some of the other of the shows before next month. This years programme of events looks absolutely brilliant if I'm honest.

Have another blog post with the full report of the April MCM con in Dublin.Am hoping to get the post up from MCM Expo Dublin in the next while. Hopefully before July as things get very busy for me in that month.

Decided pretty early after last year's convention that I will be going to Wolf's Bane 2 this year. I am happy to report that I have booked my tickets and my hotel room already for the convention. Also it was announced the Dublin Comic Con is going to be going on next year. I have already gotten my ticket for it and now can't wait until August.

Went to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in the cinema in 3D. Was really looking forward to seeing it now for a month. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many fans come out in support of Doctor Who and for the 50th screening. It was really really heartening to see that.

Christmas as well saw another Doctor Who event. It was the last story that Matt Smith was in and the first that we had managed to see a a glimpse of Peter Capaldi's Doctor. I have to say, I was excited when he imitated William Hartnell, and this appearance, brief as it was, was just the icing on the cake.

Am also very excited after seeing what Peter's Doctor i going to be wearing. It looks very dapper indeed and I bloody love it. Am very heartened to hear that there are going to be more classic Who elements reintroduced into the series. I look forward to seeing what this will mean.
*sighs* Why does August have to be so far away?

Also watched series 3 of Sherlock, finally. Have been waiting an awful long time to see the resolution of how Sherlock survived the Fall. However, we were really left with more questions than before. I suppose we will never know, and strangely enough, I am ok with that. However, how I feel isn't how others will feel about it. I have to say though that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were very respectful to all fans theories and ships in this series. I would say that it is a proper reaction to fans. The fear that I had was what would happen when both men were faced with these ships and theories. Would they be understanding or would they make fun of it all?
In a sense, they are acknowledging  all the theories and (almost) all the ships(where the hell was Mystrade??) and by leaving it open ended, we can still choose the reality that we think happened. It is clever and it pleases everyone. I don't suppose that both men had this quote in mind when they went about writing their solution, but they adhered somewhat to it I feel.

"Tread softly because you tread on my dreams" -W.B.Yeats

If they actually adhere to that in the future, this remains to be seen.  I hope that Steven remembers this in both Doctor Who as well as Sherlock as I feel that this is important.But I have to say that Magnusson as a villain was not as well as fleshed out a villain as Moriarty. Compare series one, if you will to series three. Within this series there is no real threat looming over from episode one, making the reveal less anticipated. Sure we see little glimpses of it in episode one and two briefly in one of the telegrams but the threat is not unseen. We get to see a bit of Magnusson at the end of the episode, he is even to be seen in promo images for the season. In a sense, as much as we are looking forward to seeing him, in certain aspects we know he is the character there is no horror in the surprise of finding out who the villain is. Unlike what it was in episode one of series one, there was no real unseen unknown looming threat since episode one. However, I think this can be easily rectified in series four.

To do it right, I would argue, look at how they dealt in comparison with bringing John Hurt into Doctor Who. We didn't know that he would be playing a Doctor. His character is kept hidden, even from the press. This is what makes it work so well. We think that he is just going to be another peripheral character, not the Doctor. To bring it back to Sherlock, a similar thing happens when we see a character become another more sinister character but hides in plain sight. We see that when Jim from IT  become Jim Moriarty at the end with the cliff-hanger. It has the same power as when you find out in Doctor Who (spoilers ahoy if you haven't seen this Who story) in the Deadly Assassin that The Master is back and was being assisted in his dastardly plan by Chancellor Goth. By opening it again at the pool it ensures that the threat he poses is always felt throughout season 2 as a result. That was what made Moriarty such a brilliant villain, he was always a threat, even when he wasn't much in the story there would be some reference to him. You anticipate seeing him at the end of season 2 because you know him as a character, you know what he is capable of. You await in trepidation WHAT he is going to do and HOW he is going execute it.

Well enough about fandom stuff for the moment.

In other news, last month marked the final month of my internship. To be honest, I really  was not looking forward to finishing up. I've found it to be a really great experience. People are quick to criticise Jobbridge but I have to say honestly that it has given me the experience that I needed.
Anyway, as I have said before, I was not looking forward to finishing up but hopefully there might be something out there for me in the future.

I have applied though for something already, however I have to hear whether or not it would be possible for me to do what I wanted to do. Hopefully I will hear good news from that prospect.

However, for the moment,just as I have in fact finished one happy chapter in my life, I am moving onto another one. I have finally plucked up the courage to do the film course that I wanted to do since I was in the second year of my undergraduate course when I was in  Carlow. Am starting in Galway this weekend.
Am really really looking forward to starting it now.

There is a lyric from a song "What a difference a day makes" , it seems apt for me, however it is not a day which has made a difference, it's the year. It's more for me "What a difference a year make". So many things have happened for me since the start of this year. I mean at the start of this year I had been in a bit of a rut. Thankfully that seemed to sort itself out for me.

I was busy for most of the year working part of the year working in a local library as part of a Jobbridge internship. I have to say that I really truly enjoyed it so much working there. There was a little bit of disappointment as at one point I didn't think that I had gotten it, but thankfully I did and it worked out for the best. It's actually coming to an end the end of January and if I'm straight honest, I don't want it to end, the end has come around too quickly.

As well as that happening, I also had the good fortune to head to two conventions this year, one was Dublin Comic Con which was held at the start of August and the other was the Wolf's Bane convention in London. i was a little nervous going to the Dublin Con as it was my first ever convention.  Am planning on going to Dublin Comic Con again next year. Thankfully everything went well. It didn't really  feel like my first actual convention as I only went to one day of it. Wolf's Bane was my first weekend con. It was also my first fandom specific convention. It was for Teen Wolf. I really enjoyed it. So much so that I have got tickets for next years con in Birmingham for Wolf's Bane 2. Also planning on heading to MCM Comic Con Dublin as soon as the tickets go on sale in January.

In late October, I had managed to book the tickets for to see the 50th Anniversary of  Doctor Who in 3D in the cinema. Was really really looking forward to seeing it in the cinema. Was really great to see so many fans at the showing of the 50th. Am sure that it would have been the same in other cinemas that were showing Doctor Who in Ireland. The episode was absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed it.  In December we said goodbye to one Doctor and hello to another. Matt had stepped down down and Peter Capaldi has taken over. To be honest, I am very excited to see what is going to happen in the new year with Doctor Who, eve though we have a bit of a wait until then.

Also, another great achievement for me was that I took part and won NaNoWriMo this year after a couple of years of saying to do it. I actually did it and won it. Will be taking part next year, had great fun taking part in it this year.

Anyways, that's what happened. Here's hoping that 2014 is a great one for everyone.

Happy New Year everyone.


NaNoWriMo Ate My Brain-New Blog Post

Well  I finally did NaNoWriMo. Have been saying that I would participate in it for years now and I finally got my ass in gear, dusted off the copybook that contained my story that I had started as an undergraduate and started working on typing it out during the month.

The first week went ok for me, had little to no problems. Then came Sunday, the start of the second week and a tiredness had come over me then. I did however battle on a good bit with it as best I could.
Wednesday was possibly the worst day stress wise to try and get any typing done, what with having an appointment up in Dublin in the evening. Nevertheless, as soon as I got back to the hotel room, I worked at it until the 12am deadline. Thursday was a little manic also, but steadily working until I hit my personal target of 2,000+ words with just 5 minutes to spare helped a lot.

Week Two went well for me. It was rather difficult to really keep myself motivated, however I had stocked up with tea and had a little ritual of tea and yoghurt raisins or nakd bars when I would go to write some more in the evening (I had decided to fast off sweets for the month of November) as well as writing in the morning before I started work and during my lunch hour. So I emerged the end of week two relatively unscathed.

Week Three was a little more problematic for me. I was kind of busy as well with getting the cinema times post together and posted on the Irish Whovian blog for the Doctor Who  50th that Saturday. However i did get it fully up successfully. Saturday was the only day that I didn't reach my daily limit. One day out of the month wasn't too bad to miss.

Week 4: The final week. Winning commenced that Monday. I would have been finished only I missed that Saturday(but dammit, it was soooo worth it ^_^). However it didn't really matter that much in the end as I was nearing the end. On the Monday, we had to go again up to Dublin. However, I still did manage to get to my limit for the day. I worked a little after midnight until I hit just over the 50K mark. Then I validated it. However, when I did validate it, I made sure that I had a bit of an ending set up. I was far from finished though, after I had validated. I set about checking to see did each of my scenes that i had wrote properly linked into each other. That took two days to do, thankfully I was only worried about the final few chapters, I had a feeling that the start chapters were ok. By the time I had finished, my total word count stood at 51,133.
Needless to say, I am thrilled.

The story of finally writing my novel down started a good couple of years ago in a hotel room in Carlow, I had moved out from where I was staying as it was affecting my health(it was too damn damp and I had pneumonia as a child, which has affected my lungs permanently so it just didn't suit me to stay there. I'm not asthmatic from it, I just get very painful chest infections).  And I remember that I was watching  that Scott Walker documentary and being inspired to write by it. I wrote the first couple of chapters in a notebook, but it was slow. It was originally going to be about the Picts of Alba, however I soon ran into problems with that. And I found it hard to get back to it. So when I say that I "dusted off the copybook", I really actually did. This idea would just not go away from me.  It burrowed into my head like a Ceti eel and refused to budge. So finally this summer I originally took it down and tried to do something with it.

The first thing that I changed was the location. Going with the old saying of "going with what you know", it was really an easy decision to do that, as the other idea was just not working out for me. This slight adjustment proved brilliant for me. It really opened up the story for me and allowed me to add new characters that I had thought that I couldn't before and do things that i couldn't probably have done before.
Maybe it was because of how I had gone about writing it up this time that had helped me.

However, I must iterate that every writer's writing habits are going to be different, what would necessarily works for one person will not necessarily work for another person. However, I can give a few tips that I did that worked for me, however again I reiterate, every writer is different and what works for one person might not work for the next.

1.Plan well in advance: Some writers just tell you that you might want to plan ahead. I'm taking a bit more of a  definate stance on this: Plan your writing ahead of the first of November. This is crucial as during the month you will find yourself having to go back to reference your own notes that you made. It also helps to refresh your memory about what you wanted to happen in the story and the direction that you wanted to take with it. It is a real handy tool when you find yourself face to face with a writers block that you can't quite shake off. Your plan could contain some little nugget that you have forgotten to write about that could help to get those neurons firing again with ideas.

2.Research the topic that you are covering well in advance of starting: If, like me your subject matter is one that you really found interesting and had found it hard to shake an idea out of your head. Go research the topic a little more. It could hold the key to expanding the wealth of characters that you planned to create or help you to be accurate about the topic that you have picked to write about.

3.Treat it like some people treat writing fanfiction: Get it down on page: It doesn't have to be any bit elegant or in any way up to your usual standard, however you will find that when you go back after November 31st, you will have achieved an complete work With a beginning, middle and end.

4.Another thing that is essential is to know for yourself when is the best time to write for you. Everyone's time for writing is different, some find the morning the best time to write. Some find at night. I had been lucky enough to find some time in the morning and during my lunch hour too to get it done. However when I got home I would give myself until 9:30, sometimes even ten to write. Then I would continue to do so up until 12AM.

5. Another little tip that i have would be one which was given at the start of the November NaNoWriMo month by Tim in the video below which really worked for me was to write the first line of your next chapter each time to set yourself up for what happens next. This was invaluable for me as I would often feel very frustrated when faced with a black page.

6. Remember to take a break from your writing for a few hours. You will come back more refreshed and think of more when you have been away from it for a bit.

7. Remember to read something during the month not related to your own work. It will help you to relax a bit and also might help give you ideas for your story (but don't plagiarise)

8.Be tenacious, be consistent. Write every day if you can. As Dory from Finding Nemo sings 'Just keep swimming', and that's what a person has to try and do when 'swimming' that ocean we call NaNoWriMo. We have to keep going and try not to give up so easily.

Wolfs Bane Convention: New Blog Post

Well, the time finally arrived for me to go to Wolf's Bane con. By the time it happened I was just so anxious to get there and get my missing e-ticket that I didn't really get nervous or really that excited at all about the convention.

Con registration was at five even though I had thought that it would have been at either 1 or 3pm. Only found that out the night before when I had my flight booked for early that morning. There was a teen wolf table quiz and a disco on in the evening after we had registered. Felt should have had DVD showing with lots of comfy cushions instead as everyone seemed to be too tired to function after trying to make it to the con. Stayed at disco until 11:20 when I decided to mosey on up to my room.

Saturday was the start of the main con events.Went to the Opening ceremony in the morning.Got photos with Tyler, Keahu and JR on Saturday. Got my free autographs on Saturday. Stephen noticed my triskele necklace. JR and Keahu noticed my ' McCall Pack' t- shirt. Went to the talks with Tyler and JR on Saturday and sat in on the end of the first on with Keahu, Stephen and Sinqua and also went to the one for Melissa Ponzio and Linden Ashby. Went to the theme party and stayed until 12:30

Got my Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio group photo and Melissa Ponzio photo done on Sunday.  Went for second set of paid autographs also, would be definably something I would get done fully on the first day next time. Stephen noticed my wolf necklace too on the second day.Saw the Pivot questionnaire and closing ceremony then.

I was hoarse by the end but didn't care. And I met some great people at the con. Was relieved that I had taken the extra night in the hotel to recover before my flight home in the morning. I absolutely loved it and would definably go again to the next one next year.

Dublin Comic Con- New Blog Post

I haven't had the best bit of luck when it came to planning to go to conventions. In fact as I have mentioned before, I had been a little gun shy since a past experience with a cancellation of a previous con. That's why when it came to deciding to go to DCC, I surprised even myself and decided that Friday to go to the Sunday events,I was working Saturday. It took place over the weekend of Saturday August 10th and Sunday August 11th.

So after work I stocked up on supplies (I had been watching a whole lot of con survival videos and reading convention survival blogs before this so I sort of knew what to expect), I picked the t-shirt I was going to wear to the convention (no cosplay for now, am not brave enough yet) and readied the bag for the morning.

Headed up in the morning but got lost along the way. Was peppering as I had only a few minutes to spare before it officially started.But I got there alright and got my wristband for booking it online. I was impressed when I went in at how well organised it was in terms of how well all the dealer tables looked there. There was plenty to do while I was there. I went to see what type of props they had from the prop store.com . Was pleased to see that Stargate SG-1 was represented by a Jaffa and Ori costume. Also there was 3 different Batman costumes and a load more bits there. I had quickly tried to to find the table for Sub City as I really wanted to pick up the original cover of the new League of Volunteers comic. Thankfully there was one left there and I snapped it up.

Went then for autographs. Unlike 3 day events, these were not at a set time only so you could mosey down in your own time. Except for when you wanted an autograph from Charlie Adlard, you have to plan that one in advance, but I shall get to the reason why a little way down in this post.The thing about going to get anything signed is that you don't necessarily know how to act when you are standing in front of the person getting your poster/CD signed. I had only ever done that for a couple of CD signings and that was all. And I have to admit that for some reason I always felt a bit awkward. Maybe because I didn't go to much stuff like that before.

I headed over to Ron Donachie's table to get a photo signed and then it starts up again.
All of a sudden I feel like an awkward squirrel person, I feel that feeling I get when I'm nervous when my right leg gets a tingly feeling.
"This is my first con"
Oh God...did I just? Oh God I did, I sound like such a noob. Oh no!
And all of a sudden I understand how Molly Hooper felt in that scene when she's trying to make small talk with Sherlock Holmes in The Reichenbach Fall and Sherlock  stops her mid way.

That embarrassing moment over, I headed to Femi Taylor's table, this time I keep my mouth shut. Femi is a lovely person to meet, I felt a little more at ease then.After that I went to Brian Muir's table, which was a bit of a thrill for me as I'm a bit of a fan and his designs of the robots have really helped to define the look of the Star Wars franchise.

After that I decide to go around to where the DeLorean and KITT from Knight Rider was at the con, they had a Dalek and R2D2 there too. They had also a wrestling ring set up in the space outside as well as various different stalls for food. I had brought my own food, like healthy snacks and a wrap that i made up as well as bringing a bottle of water though because I had heard that there was a tendency for con prices to be quite expensive. This worked well for me, so I think I may continue to do this.

I went into the screening of the Collider movie being shown. Found that to be cool. It was also nice to take a break from walking around the stalls for a bit. Stopped afterwards for lunch and walked around the stalls one more time before deciding to join the queue to get my comic signed by Charlie Adlard.

Stood in line for Charlie Adlard's autograph from 2:30. It was 4:30 before I got my comic signed by him. So many people were in line for just sketches. I felt that DCC should have had a separate time each day of the con for people who just wanted to get sketches from him.

The con started to petered out after that and everything was over around five o' clock.

Despite the Charlie Adlard, it was really a well organised enjoyable con. It is definably an event which will be in my diary for next year.

Here's to DCC 2014. :D

Well, it's nearly time for Wolf's Bane. Am really really nervous as it's my first 3 day convention. Earlier on this month and on the hop I decided to go to the absolutely brilliant Dublin Comic Con. As you know, I had made plans for to go to a convention a few years ago by the name of Housebroken, but the entire event was cancelled. Needless to say, have been a bit gun shy ever since then in trying to go to conventions.

I have booked my hotel accommodation and also my flights. Just clearing up a few things now before I go. I know as I am traveling from Ireland, I don't necessarily need a passport, just some form of ID like a licence. I have it, but I would honestly have felt more secure having my passport, so I reapplied for it.(I lost my old one which went missing when we had an oil leak at home a few years ago) I have to say, I would definably recommend to anyone who wants to get their passport fast to use the Passport Express service that An Post offers. It's fantastic and my request was dealt with in a very prompt manner indeed.

And in more recent news, Tyler Posey isn't going to be able to attend the con now. I feel like a right eejit now as I had forked out €22 for a 'McCall Pack' t-shirt to cover my ass at the convention. But hey, at least I can wear my triskellions to the con without worry right :D. Am planning on wearing it now to the convention, regardless of that. Will probably show off the t-shirt on Vine before I go too, it's a nice shirt. Also, am planning on wearing my yin and yang lioness pendant or my Wolf talisman to the con at registration I think. There might be sign of me 'Nerdfightaria' t-shirt there too.

Also, there has been a great has been a great bit of development in terms of guests. For being very quiet before, There are now four new guests announced. Now looking forward to meeting Sinqua Wells, J.R Bourne, Keahu Kahuanui, Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio as well as the original guests of Tyler Hoechlin and Stephen Lunsford.

There has also finally been news filtered in regarding the pricing of the convention and theme parties. A bit happy that they finally are focussed on the event. Even a couple of days ago there was word about the lanyard and programme art. So things are finally progressing nicely.
Unfortunately now at the convention there is going to be no dealer room at the convention which sort of is a bit annoying as I had already factored in the costs for the dealer room stuff when I bought my sterling in the Post Office. But anyways, what am I supposed to do. I mean, there was time enough to organise all of the stuff to do with the dealer room months in advance if they didn't get side tracked with other events that they had in the future. Sure when everyone was fretting about the tickets, they announced the first guest for an event that wasn't until next year.They certainly didn't do any of that when it came to Wolf's Bane while planning that other event. Anyways.

Have a little plan for posts on Vine, planning on using the tag #WolfsbaneVine during the con. So shenanigans will ensue.(Anyone willing to wear a wolf mask and do the elevator bit in the Gangham Style vid let me know)

Am really really excited about this convention,

Making Progress-New Blog Post

Well, it's coming up to that time of year again, the Galway Arts Festival is coming up in July. I have booked my tickets. Am going to see Imelda May, Stella and Lou,The Night at the Proms with the RTE Orchestra and the Heathers in concert. Am really looking forward to it. As well as that, the Galway Film Fleadh is going to be freaking brilliant this year with Zachary Quinto and Saoirse Ronan both going to be in attendance.

Have also booked tickets to the 'Wolf's Bane' Teen Wolf convention that's taking place at the end of August start of September. Have booked the hotel, just have the flights to book and also have to get a replacement passport as I lost my old one.

Work is going really well for me. Am really really happy and contented going into work each morning. Am finally getting to see what the hard slog of earning my Masters has accomplished (even though it's only for a short time). It's great to be working hands on in the library and helping the library patrons. You learn an awful lot about people working at the desk. Am learning an awful lot from my colleagues also. Am really blessed to be working with two very genuinely lovely people.

Got back writing my original fiction. Changing it around a bit from what I had originally wrote. Scrapping what I had written before but will use it at a later date. As an introduction, I felt that it wouldn't be appropriate at this moment.I will be using it though at a later date.

Nearly finished my Teen Wolf fanfic. Waiting to see how the canon plays out in season 3 before I am happy to publish it. Very happy with it at the moment though and have a second sequel fic planned.  Have to get back with 'Subversive" now as well as my other Sherlock fanfics that I was working on. Also have to get my other ones typed up. Will get to that in time.

A Happy Change in Fortune-New Blog Post

Well things moving along for me at the moment. Had applied for two jobs. Hoped to have heard some good news regarding them both, but so far got bad news in regards to the first job. I didn't get it, it would have had me working as a tour guide. I still haven't heard from the other job. On a happy note, I had a very fortunate turn of events though with a previous disappointment that I had. It turns out that the internship, that I had applied for through JobBridge came up again and this time I got it. I am absolutely thrilled as I really really wanted get that opportunity to begin with.

Started working at the start of May. The work is good and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Watched Doctor Who and loved it. Finally getting to see part two. The season finale was fantastic. Also had been looking forward to seeing Sky Living show Season 3 of Teen Wolf, but it was announced that they had dropped it. Which is so unfortunate as this season looks to be fantastic. Thankfully though, in utter desperation not seeing the DVD of Teen Wolf season 2 released, I found a way to see it. That does not mean that I won't buy the DVD, I will be doing that too. In fact I already have it preordered.

Working currently on the script for my first vlog also, I do like to multitask. Have to also get my equipment together for to blog properly. Still finding it hard to find the time to go in to get equipment. have the introduction almost ready to post up.Pleased with progress on the script. It's just for the first video, but I do want to say what I mean rather than work ad hoc. I have a little bit of a habit of leaving out something that Hopefully I won't.

A new season is here and with that comes a renewed hope and personal drive. Winter is a season that can, despite the many happy festivities that can occur during that time can leave the person a little drained in body and, in my case I'm afraid can cause illness to occur. Of course, with illness comes a lack of energy and the inability to get the most important of tasks finished. But what's in the past is in the past, we move forward and use the chance we have been given to help make things right. People who read my tweets would have noticed that I have been loosing my sleep over this course and the trying times it had put me through. On the upside, I received my LAI card and am rather chuffed.This May though I am hoping to finally leave this long chapter of my life behind me. Also on this blog, people may have noticed the disappearance of the ads from here, that is because I finally got a paid account here.

So what's next for me when I'm finished?
Well I have been trying to get a job in my chosen field for a while now. I have visited libraries and have even applied for an internship through JobBridge for a local library placement that I wasn't successfully in getting again this year. I'm trying to stay optimistic. Hopefully there is a job out there for me. I am a very good worker. I really want to work in what I'm qualified to do. All young professionals know what I'm talking about here and know of what is crippling both the public and private sectors at the moment in regards to staffing. It is a little frustrating, but I'm hopeful that things might get better, they have to.

Doing something new:
Apart from this, I have decided that as well as blogging, I'm going to take up my camera and vlog a bit. I have a new channel set up all ready to go. But I cannot do anything until I get this work finished. Will be doing an intro vid, but it will be just saying what the channel is about and will be text based.
Needless to say I am a bit nervous about it, but really want to follow through on it  this time. Before I have tried to start vlogging, but always things ended up not to be. I did try to do it once before but never really followed through with it. I hope to try and do it this time though.

And a final word on my fandoms:

Well a bit saddened that Being Human UK is finished up. It had however a fantastic run. I have to say that although it may have ended, it is definably went out with a bang. And as I keep pointing it to people online bemoaning the fact that it IS ending, let me just say that really when you think of it, in the context of this particular programme you can't really get any bigger than having the devil as a villain in your show. And as Toby Whithouse pointed out, it's left to us fans in seeing how it goes next.
It was very fun to see Toby Whithouse playing Secretary for state in the episodes this series, although it did cause me to note that now that that has happened on Being Human, we should probably in about a year see SteMo playing the Prime Minister in Doctor Who.

Also was saddened to see the end of Merlin. It was such a fantastic series and the final series didn't let us down in that regards. Finally we have seen what we have gotten to see what we have been waiting for since the start of the series to happen had finally happened. What I'm talking about is that Merlin's magic was finally revealed.

Doctor Who started back over the Easter. Have to say that I am really impressed with Clara Oswald as a companion. She's clever, witty and a bit hyper. Really how I like my companions. Also impressed by the new look that the Doctor is sporting this series. Again, this is sort of a clever little thing done by changing the Doctor's costume. Each time the Doctor changes companion it would seem we get a variation of the original costume. This also can be read into what it means in canon, you have been left to speculate rather an awful lot of the changes in costume is a bit like the Doctor closing a chapter of his long life. In fact the first time that this particular fact becomes clear first when you watch back in series three of the New run of Doctor Who.

I have added a few more fandoms to what I already like. as you guys know, I'm a big fan of Being Human UK, Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who. Well now I have a couple more fandoms that I have gotten into.
In the last couple of months, I have gotten into watching and catching up with Teen Wolf which I really really enjoy. Also have been watching Arrow since episode one first aired on Sky One back in October and I love it. Also love watching Beauty and the Beast on Watch.

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