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"Much they saw, and far they went, and many homes they visited, but always with a happy end. The Spirit stood beside sick beds, and they were cheerful; on foreign lands, and they were close at home; by struggling men, and they were patient in their greater hope; by poverty, and it was rich. In alms-house, hospital, and jail, in misery's every refuge, where vain man in his little brief authority had not made fast the door and barred the Spirit out, he left his blessing, and taught Scrooge his precepts."
-A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I have found over the years that there is nothing quite as relaxing as turning off the lights, pulling up a chair and just enjoying looking at the Christmas tree. Even though there would have been some hubbub surrounding actually getting the tree up and decorated and then again making sure that all the lights were working and that no lights had blown, the finished decorated tree causes much joy.

Trying to pinpoint the reason why is easy. I think it is because it is the first signal (alongside the Late Late Toy Show of course) that Christmas is well and truly on the way. Amidst the rush to get presents and being being a peak retail shopping time there is always the tree. Be it at the corner at Grafton Street near the St Stephen's Green shopping centre, the lights in the shape of a Christmas tree with the crib at the base of the tree on O' Connell Street or the Christmas tree located in any town and some villages in Ireland. The tree remains the most unifying calming aspect of the Christmas season. There is a stillness that surrounds the tree. It demands that we stand and take stock of things even if things are hectic around us.

Retail centres put up the trees and decorations once Halloween is over. Even now some of the time a few days beforehand. But for households, it is traditional to put up the tree on the eighth of December. This is also the time that Roman Catholics in particular celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This feast in particular is a holy day of obligation. In Ireland too, it was traditionally the day that people would come up to the city to do the Christmas shopping. This particular tradition itself originated from a market which would traditionally take place on the 8th of December when farmers would sell their produce and in turn stock up for the Christmas by using the proceeds of the sales. The particular tradition of the Christmas market has unfortunately has died out over the years but in it’s wake it has become a time that the country people still make their way up to Dublin and go Christmas shopping.

One tradition that has endured throughout is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree itself first appeared in the 1830s but only became really popular in 1841 when Prince Albert set up the Christmas tree in Windsor in the UK. The tradition of the tree itself can be traced back itself to Prince Albert's Germanic background and the Tannenbaum tradition. Much like what Prince Albert himself would have been used to in his own homeland. Along with some edible treats as decorations on the tree as well. In those early Victorian days, the tree itself was decorated with candles to represent stars.

Perhaps that's what makes the tree itself such an enduring calming influence. If you think of it, the fact that the candles on the tree represent the Indeed, over the years, the candles on the tree have been replaced by small lights which do seem at times to mirror the stars in the sky more than their candles what had preceded. Which in itself is calming amidst the hubbub of the season.

Christmas season itself is also a time for reflection, but it's a time also to look forward. Whatever has happened during the year however bad or good, this is the time that reflection is best done. So during the time that we have free over Christmas, what better way to relax in silence than to spend some time in the room that the tree is in and reflecting on what has happened and what is in front of us.

Breath in.
Breath out.

Have had a very busy time of late, hence why I hadn't blogged here for a bit. Have had a lot of places to be and people to see. Went to the Doctor Who Experience back in October. It was great to see it again, it had changed a little bit from when I had seen it last. The Summer fair was in the Roald Dahl Plass and the Doctor Who Experience itself had changed. I had gone before, as I've written before here that I had gone back in the Spring. This time I had the opportunity to go on the the guided tour which conveniently was added in with our ticket which was great. Unfortunately the weather we had there wasn't too great, but we managed. Towards the end of the year, I had managed to get back to the Happy Pear twice. In October and December. Also have continued to loose weight up to Christmas. Of course, there was the Christmas binge, but it was better managed this time. Before Christmas I went and exercised and continued through the Christmas break. So things are grand for me now. Better than what they were for me this time last year. Found that there was a way in which you can control the Christmas bloat, much of it has to do with the replacing of the regular mineral at the dinner with Kombucha. By doing this, I felt less bloated than I would have been in previous years After Christmas dinner. Am looking forward to my birthday on the 4th. There have been a lot of changes since this time last year. I am very proud of my progress.

Also headed to Dublin Comic Con in August. Had a great time. Paul McGann was there.It was fantastic to meet him. Added onto this was the meet up. It was a bit hard this year to try and coordinate it as where we had originally a TARDIS that helped us direct people to directly. At the 2016 one, we had none. So it was a bit hit and miss. Hopefully this will be rectified for 2017. Also at the convention, I got two commissions from Mike Collins. I really love how they both turned out.
I have to say am absolutely gutted that Peter Capaldi felt that he had to go, I do however feel quite proud to have had cosplayed him at Dublin Comic Con. And I accept his decision to leave (it doesn't mean that I have to like it though. But I'll get over it, I always do).

Things have just kept going for me. I went to K-Con (Kingdom Con) and cosplayed the Twelfth Doctor and Osgood again. I had planned on going to the con as Agent Carter and had gotten my red hat and lipstick, but then Peter decided to leave so I've decided instead to do a bit of a farewell tour with my Twelfth Doctor cosplay outfit.

On the topic of the Twelfth Doctor, I also picked up this rather cool if a little cheeky t-shirt back in February before I went to Cardiff. In fact its first outing was at the Doctor Who Experience when I went again in February for my last journey before it closed in the Summer. Who knows, I might make it again. However, if that was indeed the last hurrah for trip it was a fantastic trip. I wouldn't really mind going back to Cardiff even if the Experience is indeed closed fully. I do think however that there will be a bit of a void without the Experience there as a vocal point for fans to go to. And seeing now that there is going to be a bit of a void there now there is going to be a bit of a void. It would be advisable for someone to set up a walking tour which would be updated fairly regularly with new information rather than the one on the official where the information hadn't been updated since series eight. The obvious omission on the part of the creators of the tour due to the fact that no locations for series 9 had been added to the tour. Another expansion to the tour I would suggest making is to have the tour expand to include more of the Cardiff city centre locations.

Found myself back in Cardiff then two montth later though. They had made the TARDIS tour available. Of course I would go to it, I love that version of the TARDIS. Would love to go back and do that tour again. I may not have met Peter Capaldi, but going to his TARDIS was the best. I love his TARDIS interior. Also, this time I got the sweatshirt of the design I had wanted for quite some time that I wore on the tour. I had met the artist myself at Dublic Comic Con last year and got a print of it, but I had spotted the t-shirt before that though and I had finally decided to get it for before I went to Cardiff. I also wanted to get this t-shirt that I had my eye on for a while, I really love it. I am a fan of this artist for a while.

Well it's been six months. I'm still here and on the wagon still. Have lost around two stone and a bit (am very proud of my progress so far.) I'm doing this for myself and no one else. As I had mentioned before, I had high cholesterol and needed to change for myself. So I just did a few basic things. Increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet. Cut out the sweets and the crisps. And just stuck to my three meals a day and snacking on fruits and eating my vegetables. I also had started to drink some more fresh smoothies I made at home. I also started doing a bit of exercise each day and I have to say that I feel great now. It's amazing what a little bit of motivation and a lifestyle reboot can do for you. I have to say that I have been convinced.
What really opened my eyes to what I was eating was a couple of documentaries on Netflix. 'Vegucated' and 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' also 'Food Matters', 'Knives over Forks' and 'Hungry for Change' as well as 'Fed Up'. I would have to say that those really helped me get in the right frame of mind to get loosing the weight. I cannot recommend enough those documentaries.
Speaking of documentaries, I want to talk about 'What Are you Eating?" Which I think myself is one of the best factual tv shows RTE have put on for a while now. Presented by the ever professional Philip Boucher Hayes, it examines where our food actually comes from and the practices involved in trying to get food from shop to plate. Although our food manufacturing practices are far better in my opinion than our US counterparts, there were still a few things that I found quite alarming. One of which being the way in which we prepare our bacon. Another shock was the one that everyone was talking about, the chicken fillet roll. As someone who used to eat them during the lunch at the library.
I finally went to Cardiff. Had started to plan it in February as a birthday present to myself and finally headed over in April. Had a lovely time there. Got ok weather when I went over.Went to the Doctor Who Experience and went to some of the places that were featured in the series. Also found it easy to keep to losing weight when I went over there, went to a local health food store and picked up some supplies. Also the bus service was very convenient and worth it to get a day ticket in the morning rather than trying to get the sightseeing bus which was twice the price. Wish I have a bit longer there, however I did get to Cardiff Castle and saw some of it before they closed up for the day. I was pleased to get there as the part I had gone to was featured in the Doctor Who episode 'Heaven Sent.' I stayed two nights over there before flying home.

I went to MCM Dublin on the 2nd and 3rd of July (this month) and met Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Peter Davison as well as Luke Pasquilano and the Hillywood Show. Had a great time. We had a Whovian meetup on the Saturday of the convention and was pleased with the turnout for that. Also had a bit of change of cosplay this year. I cosplayed the TARDIS on the Saturday and Osgood on the Sunday. Was very pleased with how the TARDIS dress turned out even though I had to compromise with the dress and buy another one because the one I wanted to get made never did. But it worked out well in the end. Have Dublin Comic Con in two weeks and Paul McGann is going to be there. Can't wait.
Another thing that has happened is that a lot of the series that I had an interest in were cancelled. Earlier on this year saw 'Agent Carter' fall prey to this, as did 'Limitless' which I really enjoyed as a show. Added to this 'Beauty and the Beast' is finishing up with this series. As well as 'Penny Dreadful' which was as usual absolutely fantastic this series. But the creator wanted to round off with this series so I guess we have to accept it. Speaking of rounding off, 'Teen Wolf' is finishing up at the end of Series 6. I am so proud of this particular show and am quite pleased that they have decided to finish it off with this series rather than leave its fate in the hands of the networks and leave us with a lousy cliffhanger as our ending (Like Forever and Limitless). That's not to say that I am not sad to see it go. I am very sad to see it finish up. I love this show. Critics from the start had panned this series but this series proved everybody wrong and created its own unique identity seperate from the films with bare it's name. It has been one of my favourite series to watch (alongside Doctor Who of course) the last couple of years.
I shall miss it and think of it fondly.
Another thing that has happened to me was that I finally got a job. I was absolutely thrilled. There had been a few moments where I thought that I wouldn't get the job but thankfully I was wrong. Enjoyed it. But unfortunately was let go when the work was finishing up in the place. So, back where I was before.
I'd say one thing for it though, it helped me with my writing. I had a bit of a writer's block and doing the work I had been doing helped to organise my head a bit better and dust off the cobwebs In my head. So am writing again.
Posted the next chapter of my fanfic 'Rise from the Ashes', which I'm very happy with. I am also nearly finished with the epilogue chapter of 'Kiss it to Death' and have finally started to edit my first part of my 'Wolfland' trilogy. Along with this, I also finally posted up my fanvid 'Sing a Sad Song of the Impossible Pair (All Coming Back to Me)' on YouTube.

Owing to the fact that before when I published, I was a little wary of posting it up on YouTube. But thankfully my fears have dissipated. It seems as if YouTube has sorted the copyright question out for me.

Well, reached a significant age and also a bit of an ultimatum in regards to my health. I found out that I had rather high cholesterol. So currently cutting down a bit more. I have been a bit resistant to doing any diet related thing in the month of January due to having to try to get rid of stuff from the house before February 10th (Lent starts). I also had hoped that I would start for Chinese New Year rather than the Gregorian one as it seemed to be more convenient for me. That has had to change.
So that's what I intend to do.

In the house we are really starting to take loosing weight a bit more seriously. Plus we have a few goal markers to help motivate us to do so in the future. So that's what we are all going to do. Not just me (thankfully). As in the past I have tried to but failed due in part to the rest of the household not being considerate about what I was trying to do.
One such marker is the long talked about trip to Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience. Finally am going to be heading there in April for a two day trip. So am very looking forward to that happening.
Happily though, I am starting to get back my sleep. I started to have sleep problems in the last year of my undergraduate studies in Carlow. I was staying in an apartment complex and couple hear everyone passing to have their late night cigarette. Also could hear them all coming back from nights out. Thankfully after much struggling with it, I'm getting that normal sleep pattern back though.  Which is a good thing and my concentration is much better now. I find that am able to concentrate of things that I have to do.

Also, what had happened since I last wrote a post was that Steven Moffat had decided to step down as show runner of Doctor Who being replaced by Chris Chibnall. I hope though that Peter Capaldi stays at least for one Chibnall series though. Am not really ready to say goodbye to his Doctor yet. So I hope that Peter decides to stay just a little bit longer for us fans to enjoy.

I have as well watched the New Years episode of Sherlock. Have to say that I though that the pace felt more like the RDJ movies than watching an actual episode of Sherlock. Also it was more of a Doctor Who episode in feel. In short, I'm a bit on the fence with it. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a great Basil Rathbone/Jeremy Brett impression in period costume and did in fact loose what made his Sherlock Holmes so unique to the modern setting and retelling in the process. The stand out performance for me in this episode came from three people. Martin Freeman as John Watson just proves to me that if Jeremy Brett is the ultimate Holmes, Martin Freeman is the ultimate Watson.  Louise Brealey really showed her versatility in the role of 'Hooper', a Victorian take on our much beloved Molly Hooper. And of course Mark Gatiss playing a very funny if rather corpulent at times Mycroft Holmes, doing the right thing of paying homage to the ghost of Charles Grey with his own performance while at the same time sticking somewhat to the template of the modern Mycroft that the audience know and love.

I have started to watch some of he films that I had left on hold until after everything calmed down for me. I have graduated since the last time I wrote. I caught up finally with Community just before Netflix UK got rid of it. I also watched a few movies that I had meant to watch for some time now. One of which being Labyrinth, as well as 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'.
Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention that since I last posted, David Bowie has sadly passed away. I came to listening to his music through the 'Under Pressure' collaboration with Queen and eventually got my hands a few years later (actually the Summer before I started my undergraduate degree in Humanities in St Patrick's Carlow and before I got my Leaving Certain results) getting the three CD greatest hits. I must confess I did not go and look up all the classic albums he had released before he died. I can though say that I did get what had turned out to be the last CD he released called Blackstar. I bought it for myself as a birthday present for myself. On the Saturday after it was released. I was pleased to get it.

In other news, am back writing. Nearly finally have that long promised article about the Second Doctor. Also have a Danny Pink article that I'm writing, but that will come a bit later. Also am continuing work on my fanfiction.  I have been working on the another new fanfic as well as working on finishing off 'Kiss it to Death' which I am quite enjoying at the moment. Am continuing to work on the 'Rise from the Ashes' also, am enjoying how it's turning out. Have another story planned called 'Starborn'  , the idea came to me in a dream. I have the particulars written out as I remembered them from the dream. The problem is now, fleshing it out a bit, which I have started to do.
But I guess, more about that a little later.

Well just a bit of a change, I have been quite busy the last few months.  I rewrote of 'Daughters of the Moon', my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. I was not completely happy with how I finished up my novel last year, so I gave it another go this November. I have also started another fanfic, a sequel to one of my earlier fanfics 'I Burn Eternal' called 'Rise from the Ashes'. Am happy with the progress of it at the moment, am having a bit of fun with it. Also have another fanfic in the works called 'Kiss it to Death'. Have enjoyed writing it so far.  It takes place during two episodes Of series nine and a bit beyond.Also working on a fanvid at the moment, but will mention more about that later because am still working on it. Have an article coming up also that I'm writing for Moviepilot about the Second Doctor that I had meant to have published earlier but time wouldn't permit me.  Had decided at the time to put stuff I was working on a bit on hold until I saw the outcome to Series 9 of Doctor Who and I had finished off coursework for college. It's great to be back working on stuff now.

Speaking of Series 9. For the most part I thought that it was a rather good series. However, the series finale was a big let down for me. I felt that this was an opportunity to see the Doctor at his very worst. I mean, the Time Lords pushed him to the very edge right. What if instead of what they did do (screw up the timeline so much that now the Doctor couldn't go back to that time even if he wanted to.) He becomes a tyrant worse than Rassilon And Morbius. This is the same Doctor who said in the season finale to series 8 said:

"I am not a good man! And I'm not a bad man. I am not a hero. I'm definitely not a president. And no, I'm not an officer. You know what I am? I... am... an idiot. With a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning. I don't need an army, I never have. Because I've got them. Always them.”

What if Doctor Who dealt with in series 9 the hypothetical question, what if it takes something so small as another companion to die to finally push the Doctor over the edge firmly for the first visible time into Valeyard territory. We have the Doctor's reason for being pushed over the edge in stories such as 'The Lazarus Experiment', the Doctor himself  noting:

I'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one. In the end, you just get tired; tired of the struggle, tired of losing everyone that matters to you, tired of watching everything you love turn to dust. If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you'll end up alone.'

What if the man that had been a hero to many Time Lords during the Time War lives long enough on Gallifrey to become hated by the Time Lords.
  Think about it for a moment, every government which comes into power wants to be better than the one that is currently in power however ultimately they become part of the system that they so wanted to get rid of. It is a constantly reoccurring theme of politics going  What if Doctor Who spoke about that for a moment. We have already seen a positive reaction to Peter Harness' anti-war speech at the end of 'The Zygon Inversion' and Doctor Who itself as a programme has never in the past shied away from veiled political discourse within the series. So why not do it now. Coming back to the story, make the Doctor a hated figure among his own people and being the cause of the injustice and hypocrisies committed towards the older generations to the younger generations. The hero becomes the villain. What if Ohila confronts him about this. What if some of those soldiers who had put such faith in the Doctor go about trying to stop him by going back in time and stopping Ashildr from ever getting her hands on the Chronolock thus erasing the timeline which had the Doctor finding Gallifrey (I got this idea from Family Guy of all places.) Meanwhile, before the present timeline is erased, the Doctor is confronted by Ohila who allows him the ability to remember everything that has happened in that timeline so when he wakes up in the new timeline, he knows what he has to do. He lies to Clara and tells her that he won't be back for some time, that he has important business in a place that doesn't allow humans (yeah, yeah I know. That's how the Doctor got rid of Sarah Jane Smith but hey, it's good. Beats the alternative.) and tells her that he will be back once everything is sorted out. She knows something is up though and says goodbye to him. And Dave Oswald gets his daughter (the only living reminder he has of Ellie Oswald) back and  Clara's Gran doesn't see her grandchild die before she does. (What is it with Steven forgetting about the secondary characters he creates and not thinking of the consequences for these characters. Ugh. Say what you like about RTD, but at least he thought of ALL his characters equally.) What we did get however was a bit of a mess to be honest. When in reality a simpler solution could have been taken (I.e the actions mentioned above.).  Where it started to go wrong for me to be honest was after Rassilon was told to leave. I don't know, maybe it was my own wishful thinking, but I had hoped that the Doctor we would see in the finale was like the Doctor we meet at the end of the Big Finish audio adventure 'Afterlife'. I was disappointed.

Anyway, enough about my misgivings about the finale, it was just a blip on an otherwise sterling series and I can't wait for the Christmas episode. (Steven, refrain from working on Sherlock scripts until after you have finished with the Doctor Who ones. You get distracted easily and things do ge mixed up, this has been proven. Oh, it won't matter, he won't see this. I'm ok, hah :) )

In other news, I passed my final assignment and graduated in November. I am really thrilled. Am thrilled also that my time is my own again. I did however get a rather nasty flu a week afterwards. I suppose I had it coming really. I mentioned that I was planning on going to 'Welcome to Night Vale' well I did and it was so great.  And I got some time in Dublin afterwards to do a bit of shopping before I went home.

Also went to the Doctor Who Festival in November. Got photos with Jenna Coleman, Mark Gatiss, Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver. I really enjoyed it. Got a couple of things for Christmas as well as a couple of things I wanted for a very long time. Went over a little earlier though and did some shopping with Mum who came over with me. Had a great time, it was great to have some time to relax a bit before I went to the festival. Went home the next day.

Am waiting to hear back from jobs that I applied for, hopefully I get good news concerning it. However due to it being so close to Christmas, I doubt I will hear from them until after Christmas.

Well I have officially finished all required work for my course. Handed up my final draft for my  screenplay. I am relieved to be finally finished. That being said as I've said before, I have had a rather positive experience of my time in NUI Galway.  I went to Nenagh for gape seed, it has changed quite a bit since I was there last. Went up to Dublin, can't believe that it was October when I was last there. Not much has changed, picked up a few things in Forbidden Planet there. And it's lovely to get my time back to doing what I want to get done in Galway. Enjoyed being off and not having to work on essays or stuff for class (well except for working on my blogs of course). I am going to have to have to redo my script I know that. But at least I am finished all to that.  Am working on two side blog posts to this post. Am still working on my Second Doctor one for Moviepilot, but am also working on a blog post for here about unconventional heroes. I will also be picking up two particular blog posts that I hadn't posted up yet. I have a bit of the work still to do on them, so hopefully you will see them up here soon.

Also managed to get away for a night to Killarney, had meant to go to Cardiff, but it kind of fell through for me. But had a relaxing time in Killarney when I was there. Brought back a lot of memories for me when I was young and we used to have family holidays there when I was a kid.

Picked up things to help rejig my cosplay outfit before the conventions in August. Picked up a new pair of  TARDIS converse online. Did not go to Wolfsbane 3 this year, it has gotten too expensive for me to go. Plus it made my July pretty busy as I had the Galway International Arts festival to go to.

Speaking of which, went to Kodaline in July as part of the Galway International Arts Festival in the festival big top. I got the tickets early luckily (the price goes up in June to €60). Also am picking up some of the tickets in the next while for the shows that `i want to go to see also. I make it a thing to go to the Arts festival every year. I really enjoy it. I have been attending the Arts Festival since 2000.

Also more recently got my hands on tickets for Welcome to Night Vale in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on the 19th of September. I went last year in October to the live show and really enjoyed it, went to the show again.   Unfortunately I missed the premiere of Doctor Who Series 9 as it's on the same night as the show. But just before it was set to air, I got a means to watch it in the hotel when I came back from the show. I really really enjoyed it. Am thrilled that the series is back finally.

Also managed again to pick up some things in Forbidden Planet and Sub City in Dublin before I went home on the Sunday. I was thrilled to pick up some actual Target novelisations and some Doctor Who related stuff from the early eighties about Doctor Who. Also picked up the figure of Ace from Remembrance of the Daleks and some alternate covers for the comics that I got online and in Sub-City Galway.

I also got tickets for November for the Doctor Who Festival in London. Am absolutely thrilled that I did. I forgot to get them for the fiftieth and regretted not going. Am going to be there on the Saturday. Unfortunately didn't get my hands on a TARDIS ticket for that day but did get the general Cybermen ticket for that day. Don't know whether I will be cosplaying that day. I have to think about my bag going over. It's early days. Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver have been added to the list of guests. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get tickets for photos with Peter Capaldi but did get the Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver ones.

Went to Dublin Comic Con at the beginning of August. Was a little bit disappointed with the organisation to be honest. But other than that had an ok experience. Will be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and return next year. As long as the gaming (of both the card and console variety are moved to a room of their own. Felt awful for the people stuck in the corner while others were in line for talks and corralled them in.)
Also line management needs to be addressed for the panel room and maybe open the auditorium on the upper floor for panels like what they do in SDCC with Hall H. I mean, if you have this room at your disposal, why not use it.You are getting the crowds that would fill it. Also am hoping there is a replacement Doctor Who prop next year as this makes it easier for fans to organise meetups. Speaking of meetups, there was a meeting of Doctor Who fans on the Saturday of the con. Seeing as I was a bit too busy finishing off my screenplay at the time, it was kind of set up last minute, but was nonetheless very popular. Despite the fact that the convention organisers had yet again failed to get a Doctor Who guest.  Another quite disorientating thing was the location of Artist Alley in relation to the shop stalls.

Went to MCM Dublin in the RDS at the end of August. It was a bit more of a sedate affair than the one in the convention centre due to the timing. Am happy to report that the changes that had been suggested by fans last year were addressed. There was a more spacious room for the panels and the cosplay masquerade this year(last year it was lumped in with the wrestling stage and the acoustics were terrible). There were more displays made available and everything was reasonably priced. Artist's Alley was right next to the shop stalls which was very convenient. Also, the coffee dock was fully functioning outside all weekend, unlike last year.  Had another meetup at MCM. Unlike DCC, had managed to get word out about a meetup on the Saturday of the convention. It was a great success, there were a lot of Whovians at the event (I guess because they actually listened to people and got a Doctor Who guest again). The Whovian contingent even managed to win best group in masquerade on the Saturday of the convention. One thing is certain, the Irish fans of Doctor Who ARE here and need to be heard and not taken for granted.

Unlike DCC where I would fork out €30 each for autos and photos, the autographs for nearly all guests were either €15 or €20 with only the Katrina Law autograph (as far as I know) being €30. I also ended up with more money after than I did at DCC(again a simple thing which can be addressed easily for next year).  Also unlike DCC, at MCM you could actually see the food trucks in plain sight, apparently there were food trucks at DCC but no one could see them as they were at the back of the building (the cost of food in the convention centre, yikes!).

The Final Push- New Blog Post

Forgot to mention that I am doing ok with the course. Had assignments that I got done there not too long ago. Am happy with the result that I got in it. Watched Better Call Saul and  am catching up with Breaking Bad. Also started  watching and finished series one of Daredevil, really enjoyed it.Also finally finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black before the new series is added to Netflix, really enjoyed it. Am finished lectures now, can't believe that I'm finished all except for writing my screenplay. It has been quite a fun experience, difficult at times but really enjoyable.

We had the tenth anniversary of the return of Doctor Who. For me though, my first episode is the Unquiet Dead. I'm ten years in this amazing fandom and I'm not going anywhere. I had a weird old personal history when it came to watching the show. I remember watching an episode when I was either 3 or 4 in the 80's and it having an opening similar to a Smarties sweet ad on the telly around that time and always mixing the opening up with that Smarties ad.(If anyone remembers that ad other than me, please share a link with me) In 1996 I had a personal matter that happened around the time the TV movie aired. I only got to see that the Christmas of 2005.
Doctor Who is always something that seemed impossible to  get into before 2005. It was something that wasn't really mentioned that much before it came back in 2005. When it was mentioned, it was mentioned only in passing in articles I read. It just seemed inaccessible. Also, added to the bother of all that was the question: where could someone get their hands on the VHS of the episodes (I only became aware that HMV in Dublin had the VHS of Randell and Hopkirk deceased, the new one by chance. Anyways, 90's Ireland was a bit weird to live in)
I'm telling this story knowing well that I just carbon dated myself, but frankly I don't care anymore. What I want to say is that this particular show has been the source of great happiness for me. I have met really great people who enjoy the show as much as I do and I have watched the fandom grow in Ireland from being something really small to being something really popular with people. I still have stories that I have to watch and books and audios to listen to. I love it.

Am currently finishing off stuff for college. Have some of my stuff submitted, am working on the rest of it. So at the moment I am experiencing a good few sleepless nights before I have everything done until my final script submission in August. But am loving every minute of it. It has really helped to improve my writing. What I have learned from this course is something that I will carry with me, that's for sure.

Amidst everything however, I have had a little time to think about things to do with my fanfiction. I have written a small bit, but I cannot think of them fully as I would like. But it has become clearer to me what I wanted to do with it. And it's a nice reprieve from the work that I have to do at the moment, albeit for a short period of time that I give myself to it before I have to go back to do coursework. The course has helped with that. I had a lot of ideas which I had forgotten about but thankfully am getting back to now.

I hope you are fairing well in the first few weeks of 2015. :D

Myself I am hoping to break a nasty habit I have every January where I go into a paralysis where little work can be gotten out of me. I started into work after my birthday by doing just the small thing of downloading the documents needed to write up a thing for my presentation for TV Drama. I have decided on doing it on Doctor Who. The problem with that is picking an episode that is the best example of classic writing from the classic era and what would be the best example of new style of writing in the current series of Doctor Who.  In the end I chose 'Pyramids of Mars' for the classic example and 'Mummy on the Orient Express' for the new example(it just edged out 'Kill the Moon'.) I also had to write up something to do with my essay that was due on the Friday after I am back for Semester 2. Got that in ok.Have been preoccupied by my academic commitments. Got my results and am so thrilled that I passed the first semester.  I am finding our Visual Writing workshop very interesting. In the first week we watched Un Chien Andalou
(finally got to see in in full, only saw it before in documentaries about Dali)

Have been working on small things since then for class. Just there on Monday I presented this to class.

Was quite happy with how it had turned out.

Met with my tutor about my script. Had an indication as to how it would go, let's just say I did not leave my class on Tuesday in good fettle, in fact I was rather upset. Anyways, after meeting my tutor, I went to a quiet spot and worked on the changes that she had suggested I do.
We had a talk to do with our screenwriting as well as a screenwriting seminar that I found very helpful, in fact it has really help to raise the fog that I had in terms of what I wanted to do with my character. I  have a bit of work to do but I should be ok. Wrote out the first ten pages of my script. It's really nice to be working on it. For the longest time it was just an idea on a page so now I can honestly say that it has become clearer in terms of even the story moving forward in a way that I wanted originally. I hope some of the middle instances that I had thought up for my idea are received ok at my next tutor meeting. Had to work on my plot point one there, I was fairly ok with it.  As usual my lecturer eviscerated it, I don't think he gets what it is I'm trying to achieve with this screenplay, which is bloody frustrating. Am getting a bit demotivated by that class if I'm perfectly honest. Fortunately for me I am made of tough stuff, so even if I am demotivated and feeling down, I'll continue to turn up. I'm not a quitter.

Doctor Who has started back filming in Cardiff since the 5th of January. Am very excited about that. It has just started filming its second block, according to Twitter. As well as that Sherlock started filming its Christmas special in Bristol on the 6th, it finished up a couple of weeks ago. Very excited about that.  Over the New Year watched the very last episode of Miranda. Was sad to see it finish up. As well as that the last Cabin Pressure was on the radio just before Christmas. Was sad to hear it finish up, but really enjoyed it when it was on the radio. I got to see Birdman and the  last Hobbit movie over Christmas. Also got to see Paddington too finally.
In relation to my fanfiction, I am nearly finished a  one shot fanfic to  do with Doctor Who. Am really excited about it. I  was working most of Christmas and into New Year on it. Hope to have it somewhat in  a way that will be presentable soon enough.


Finished up my internship at the library. Had been very sad to be leaving the job, really enjoyed it. Around a week before i was set to finish up there, I applied for an 'Introduction to Film Studies' course that I had been meaning to do for years but because I was busy with things I could not commit to doing it until this.


Decided to go do a Film Studies course. It was on every weekend for eight weeks. Really enjoyed taking part on it. Learning a lot of the aspects that go into filmmaking.


Posted for the first time on MoviePilot, am posting about Doctor Who on the site. My first post was called Coming in from the Wilderness.

Went to MCM Dublin Comic Con, had a really great time at it. Although I do feel that there are elements that they could look at improving for next years convention.


We had the premiere of the films that we worked on during the course. Was happy with how they turned out overall.

Also went to the fan screening of The Fault in Our Stars on June 12th a week before it was released in cinemas here.


Travelled over to Birmingham to Wolf's Bane 2 and went to the Galway Arts Festival. Also the short 'The Usual' was accepted into the GAZE festival in Dublin


Went to Dublin Comic Con and started watching the new series of Doctor Who. Found out that the Usual was nominated for an Iris prize


Started a Masters in screenwriting in the Huston school in NUI Galway. Added to that, 'The Usual' (was on continuity) and 'Rival Chivalry' (which I produced) was screened as part of Culture Night 2014. I also joined the Time Lord Society (WhoSoc) in college and enjoying it thoroughly.


Went to the live show for Welcome to Night Vale. Also 'The Usual' was screened as part of the Clones Film Festival


Finally got my post about the first Doctor up on Moviepilot. It was called "The original you might say,"- a brief introduction to the First Doctor . Was pleased with how it turned out.

As well as this, I was DOP on the short that we had to do for class, the finished product can be seen below.


Was working on another post for Moviepilot during November, but had been busy with coursework and then afterwards was busy getting Christmas things done. The article on Moviepilot was called "There's Something About Osgood"


Heard as I was finishing up also on the course that 'The Usual' was submitted into next years Dingle International Film Festival


Also went to the 'Talking Production' seminar, as I had covered in a previous post. I really enjoyed it.

In Conclusion:

I have to say that as this year closes and we edge closer to 2015, I am definably not in the same position as I have been previously. I have pursued something that I had given up myself ever pursuing. I have met new people who I have the luck of getting to know. I have also ended the year having been involved in three short films, one which was nominated for an Iris award. It was great to be involved behind the camera. I still have a bit of hope for the librarian side of things, but for the moment, I am putting that side of things on hold. I am enjoying being creative again for assignments, it reminds me very much of working on my undergraduate and I love it. It's my type of work. I hope 2015 is a good one for me as I hope that 2015 is a good one for everyone.

Until 2015, I bid you farewell. :)

Getting On with Things: New Blog Post

Well finally got the last blog up. Working on stuff now as well as FanFiction. Have several ones planned for over the Christmas. Was trying to get going with a second Doctor post to accompany my first Doctor ones. Have asked people about what stories to add that would be essential viewing for Whovians. I have recently finished an article about Osgood, a character I have a deep respect for and I wanted to look to see why it is that she is the most popular secondary character that has been created in the last couple of years. Why she is interesting is easy enough to see, she is normal.

But enough about that, if you would like to read more of my article, it can be found here. Am working on a look at the year that I have had. It has been quite a busy year for me and very rewarding.
I am just looking forward to my birthday. It's on the fourth. Heard that on the fifth of January, Doctor Who starts filming. Have watched the Christmas special when it aired on Christmas day.Have to say that I am really really happy with it. It certainly made up for what happened to Osgood (however I don't fully forgive him for that). It was nice to see long time fans weigh in on the death of Osgood in their vlog review.

This is a guy I have respect for as a Doctor Who fan so to have him weigh in on this matter and say that there was no logical reason to kill off Osgood is valid. Anyways, enough about poor Osgood for a bit.

I finished my semester with just one small complaint of lack of sleep. Have submitted everything that was required of me.  Have said that I wanted to blog a bit and write a bit more for myself before the end of the year and I think that I am succeeding in doing that. Watched the Doctor Who episode 'Last Christmas' on Christmas Day and really enjoyed it. In terms of my fanfiction, I have started a few new fanfics. Also working hard on getting my look of what happened to me over the year done. This in any case will be my last normal post before New Year.

In terms of fanfiction, the fire has been rekindled in terms of writing for Twelve. I was a little reticent in writing during the complete Doctor Who series 8 due to all the things that could happen and indeed did happen. It is also quite dangerous to do a fanfic at this time because, as I've discovered. Companions could leave and then you would be left with trying to figure out how to fit your story around the new companion. It is also difficult as with a new Doctor comes a new personality and you have to account for that when you are writing your fanfiction. As you know, I did write two what I would call rather safe fanfics at the start of the series. One being called Who I am, Who I Was and the other called The First Face This Face Saw

I feel that this is the time however that I can write a bit more because I feel as if I can write a bit for this Doctor now. It was nice to be left wondering about what this Doctor was like throughout the series rather than knowing straight away how to write for the Twelfth Doctor. Had an interesting idea during watching the series. It was based on something that was mentioned by the Great Intelligence about calling the Doctor 'The Beast', I think I have an ending now for that particular fanfic. I found myself thinking a lot about touch and the lack  of in the last series. It features a bit in one thing that I'm working in. But am quite excited about a ficlet I plan to have up in the next few days, it's on the theme of acceptance. Also have one that I'm quite excited about getting my teeth into in the new year and that is a fanfic that features my childhood hero Grace O' Malley and a Doctor Who creature that we last saw in an 80's Doctor Who story. But hey, that's a story that will be told in full in 2015.  For now, watch out for my last post of 2014, which will be a look back at the year. 

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