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I Tweet therefore I am

What's going on?

  • 18:28 Yay!!! Ryan Tubbridy is the new presenter of the longest running program in, the world 'the Late Late show' in Ireland #
  • 18:29 Who's for the Camembert Quartet doing the theme song ala Gay Byrne era, I know I am^_^ #
  • 18:53 Ok, the old theme from the Late Late ala Gay Byrne used the opening instrumental intro from this song digg.com/u1360W #
  • 21:35 This structure is a permenant feature in Salthill(and diving is it's permenant function) :) bit.ly/6ZmOS #
  • 21:39 I love summer :) Come on Summer, hurry on exams and finish up #
  • 21:57 'Humanity is about love and sacrifice, this doesn't rob me of my humanity, it proves it'-George in Being Human #
  • 21:59 "We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves" -Gerald Hausman #
  • 21:59 @LaRainbow Awww*hugs* #
  • 22:36 @LaRainbow LOL!!!!!! #
  • 23:34 Plotinus is being a little bitch at the moment(Yes, I know love, the gnostics suck but WHAT IS YOUR THEORY ON LOVE!!!!)*shakesdeadphilosoph* #
  • 23:46 'With that half moon I carved into his face, for all time, a half moon of blood'-'The Shape of the Sword' by Jorge L. Borges #
  • 23:51 @Joey_Smith "If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different."- Oscar Wilde #
  • 23:56 @JamesWillamor Hugh Jackman as Earnest Hemingway, interesting choice of actor for the role if it was real #
  • 00:00 Note to self don't retweet last tweeted comment to famous actor Hugh Jackman, even though you're very tempted to do so right now #
  • 00:03 I smell sitcom!!! #
  • 00:42 @JamesWillamor Would agree with you there, he was a far more interesting man. Hughes just became a recluse, Hemingway lived his life fully #
  • 00:43 @JamesWillamor Even though he did commit suicide #
  • 00:49 Having images now of @RealHughJackman with an Ernest Hemingway moustache now,scary. But the beard is ok #
  • 00:56 I found my lost memory stick, hooray. I was so worried #
  • 00:57 Bloody thing had my presentation which I had to edit befor submitting #
  • 00:59 Back to Yukio Mishima's 'The Temple of the Golden Pavilion' for me(I'm hunting quotes) #
  • 01:02 Will Matt Smith be for Doctor Who what Hugh Jackman was for X-Men, hmm. We'll have to see #
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