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Wolverine: Fan vs. Movie Goer


Went to X-Men Origins: Wolverine a couple of weeks ago.
And am not one to have hang ups about things, but this movie has put me in conflict with myself.
Let me explain. Those who know me know me to be a massive Wolverine fan. Heck, I collect busts of the guy and t-shirts with him on it for God sake. I love the Origin story so much and this is hang up number one.
I guess my original hang up about this was the way in which it was treated. I honestly thought that Hugh Jackman would show the story as was in the comic. However that did not happen and I was a little dissapointed. My second hang up was with the way in which the Weapon X story was handled. Not in the way it was handled, but the aftermath the scenes after the adamantium process. I mean, WHAT THE HELL, running into a barn. I was dissapointed with the treatment of the Hudsons in this. In the comic, Heather Hudson helps Logan out of his animal state. This is a key thing I felt to the overall story of Wolverine, it wasn't even touched on and Logan was still normal. This is why after coming out of the movie I was like, 'He(Jackman) still doesn't get it''. What's is absolutly key to Wolverine as a character is that struggle btw the animal and human while stiving for the Samurai ideal of himself that he can never achieve, the tragedy is that he is already there and he cannot see or accept it.However, in saying that, movie goer me loved it, loads of violence, which is what Wolverine is all about. Again,two things.Where was it explained, the significance of Silverfox as a character earlier on, how the hell did they meet each other, or did I just miss that.Secondly, I WANTED TO SEE AN 18(R) RATED WOLVERINE MOVIE!!!!! NOT A (12A) PG-13 ONE.
I wanted to see Wolvie REALLY cutting loose.(Consequently, this was achieved in the game) WTF Man, in the game, but not in the movie.
If 'The Crow' can get an 18 rating here and Batman Begins can manage a15 rating, then this movie had to be able to get an 18 rating.*sigh* But I did enjoy it nonetheless(hopefully Jackman will rectify such matters if a sequel is done) 






I'm sorry, but that needed to be said, I do love the movie, but these need to be addressed.


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