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Bouncing forward to the end of the fic and am writing dialogue between the two characters. Am becoming concerned that it’s not how I want it to be. But I haven’t it typed up yet, so it is likely to undergo changes. The problem is, there’s an eating scene that I wrote that am not 100% sure I want to keep in, it seems to plod along. Like the first part is ok, but the second just seems to be awkward. That’s all I can say for the time being on it as the rest would be spoilers.

I’m thinking of bringing a season one character back for my sequel fic, which is proving problematic as the writers of the show never gave the character any name, I’ll be watching series 3 before I write it, just in case he turns up again and they give him a name.

What strikes me so much about Sanctuary is how similar it is to Being Human,Doctor Who and Torchwood. What I mean by this is that you never really get comfortable with any new characters (or even established ones:) ) because they might die or leave(or (spoilers)  get sucked into purgatory, case in point, Annie, BTW the unofficial tagline for series 3 of Being Human is  ‘Annie Are You Ok’, pass it on, put it on to-shirts, whatever) Anywho enough of my general fandom musing, back to fanfics.

Also thinking of doing a prologue fic to tie in with the one that I’m working on, just to explain where one of the characters end up that I mentioned in the first chapter of the fic. It will sort of make sense what happens to that character and sort of redeem that character a bit for people. 

Changed stuff quite a bit from my original bit I wrote for Chapter 3. I just wasn’t happy with it and it revealed too much too quick for my liking. Like it better now.

Also, in terms of the fanvids, changing the song that I said I would use for George in Being Human to ‘The Cave’ by the same musicians.

Also, did a vid of pure crack


 Will have full post of my Galway Arts Festival shenanigans in the next post ^_^

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