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Writing update: Fanfiction

Well, I’ve stalled. Haven’t been able to write any fanfiction, even though I have a couple of good ideas forming. The ‘Sanctuary’ fanfic I was writing is proving very difficult. It’s difficult because I have a letter to write within the fanfic, before I start a retelling of a very well known story. Also contemplating doing a crossover  between Granada Holmes and ‘Sherlock’, but it’s not going to be like the one that I have already read up on fanfiction.net. The outline that I have in my head is to have a case that had baffled Sherlock Holmes due to him being held back by the limitations of the technology of his day being resurrected by his modern counterpart. I need to get back finishing up typing up my other fanfic that I have written for ‘Sanctuary’. Also, why am I getting side tracked with a story featuring Irene Adler? That’s the problem with my brain, too many ideas, not enough energy to process them all in a coherent manor. Am thinking of posting on fanfiction.net a story I have finished on a notepad in longhand (I write a lot in longhand, trying to break this habit has been the problem), but have to finish typing it up fully. The story takes place after the events in ‘Jekyll’. I started writing it when I was over on holiday in New York a good few years ago. I’m also trying to think of a way of getting Phoenix (my character from my completed fanfic ‘I Burn Eternal’) into the Eleventh Doctor's universe the same way I managed to blend her into the Tenth Doctor’s one. I wish to God there had been no break because I work better with all the cards in front of me. I mean (this is me talking as a fanfic writer as well as a fan, secretly I don’t want them to go. But if they did I would rather both were still alive), if I knew for definite that Amy and Rory were leaving, it would be a load off in terms of writing this. As I have found from two separate rewrites with different companions that it would be best to write the fanfic with no companion, less fiddly and it doesn’t date it so much. Also, I work best over the Summer months, I don’t know why.   

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