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Festival Month in Galway: A Great time

The festival month is here already. Did not really feel the year go by. I guess because an awful lot had happened in the last year. But that’s something I won’t discuss here. First off here we have the Galway International Film Fleadh, which has a screening of a controversial film about Princess Diana this year, as well as the film which I’m looking forward to ‘The Guard’ starring Brendan Gleeson. I’m going to wait until the Film Fleadh is over though, the cinema is always packed during it.

This week the Galway Arts Festival starts. I’m eleven years going to events that were part of this brilliant festival. This year I am going to two plays in the Black Box and Town Hall Theatre and two gigs in the Big Top, I cannot wait I can tell you. It is going to be great this year.  I am hoping (please bear in mind that I have said this for, like the last three years and have never gotten in to see it) this year to finally get into Galway to see the Macnas parade, it looks awesome every year ^_^. I hope to get to the gallery in the shopping centre if I can at all. I made it to it last year and enjoyed it.

The week after is the more popular week, Galway Race week. I think that the Arts festival and the Film Fleadh have improved an awful lot with the promotion of the two events in Galway in the last couple of year. However, the adverts that have stood out for people are the ones for the Galway Races. I think that there is a misconception about the Arts Festival. I tend to disagree, I feel that it is the most down to earth, most incredibly fun of festivals. There is a great vibe to the festivals. That’s why I always make sure that I get to something during that fortnight, there is always something to do.

If it’s something that Galway does well and is well accustomed to doing, that’s festivals. That’s why I can’t wait to see what the will be doing for next years Volvo Ocean Race.   


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