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Well, where to start. First off, am back at college and am crazy busy with assignments and the commute up and down on a Tuesday and Thursday. Am glad to be back, am better focussed this year than I was last year. The bout of bad health I had really knocked me out last year. Anyways, as I was saying, mad busy. Have the first assignments handed up thankfully. And thankfully the weather did not start to get cold here until now.

Apologies are in order re: the second Galway Arts Festival blog, due to the above (and the fact that my connection is so ridiculously slow) I had no time to give to load up the videos that I have.

I set up queues on Tumblr as I can’t get to it during the week. Twitter though is another story, am still updating daily there (as it’s convenient and it doesn’t eat into my phone credit like the Tumblr app does). However, you may see the odd unscheduled Tumblr post if I’m near a Wi-Fi area or at weekends sometimes.

Thankfully have the bulk of the Christmas shopping done now. Just working on getting the food situation sorted out and also to pick up the last few bits of Christmas presents and am finished.

Weather is getting bad here, no snow thankfully yet, however I do believe it is set to be snowy for the second half of the month and into the New Year. So it may be snowing for my birthday.

Am looking forward to the Doctor Who episode on Christmas Day. It looks  like it’s going to be a great episode (as usual). On New Years Day, Sherlock series two starts back. Still no word on when series four of Being Human is set to be aired.

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