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New Year 2012: - New Blog Post

Well Happy New Year everyone. And what a happy new year it was. On New Years Day we had the new episode of Sherlock. It was brilliant, really exceeded expectations. There had been a lot of people worrying during the week that the story ‘Scandal in Bohemia’ might not be treated in a good way by the Sherlock production team. However, I wasn’t too worried, I was just very very excited about it finally returning. ‘Scandal in Belgravia’ treated the Irene Adler story very well indeed. Yes I admit, I was a little disappointed (just a little, for about five seconds mind) that the modern interpretation of a world famous retired opera singer was not reinterpreted as world famous lead singer of a symphonic metal band. But having Irene as a dominatrix was, all the same, really a clever touch.

Had my birthday on Wednesday. It went well for me this year, in comparison to last year when I was stopped from doing anything by the snow.Got the new Nightwish ‘Imaginaerum’ album, the Billy Joel album The Stranger’ and also the special edition of the Nirvana album ‘Nevermind’, also picked up a cover for my iPad 2, very pleased with picking up those.Was surprised with a Doctor Who mug too. We went into the g hotel for a meal after, which was completely unexpected. On Thursday, I got my hands finally on Sanctuary series 3 Open-mouthed smile

Christmas officially finishes today (6th January is Little Christmas or Epiphany here), so finishing off with lighting the Christmas lights for one more time. Apparently it’s also the date set as Sherlock Holmes’ birthday. Actually more information on that particular interesting bit of data can be found in this article.

Oh yes, if I have one particular new years resolution, it would be that I’ll read more than I did last year (now that’s a resolution I WILL keep Winking smile)

So, back to the grindstone then for me. Have to get working on another assignment. But thankfully I’m now further on than I was this time around Smile.

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