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Getting back to Work: New Blog Post

Well, Christmas and New Year over. Back to work, just putting the finishing touches on the last academic essay that have to hand in. It’s boring, but I have to keep with it and finish it off for good and always.  It’s tedious and too long winded with too much parts required to do in it (either a report or those diagrams but not both, yeesh), but it HAS to be done.  Then back on the 24th to college and the commute up and down, again. Shouldn’t feel it too much, the weather will be starting to get better and the days will be getting longer.Got an e-mail with my timetable for Semester 2 during the week, have added the times to my phone and have put in the dates of breaks in for Semester 2 also. So am hoping that it goes ok for me.

Have to say, am fairly anxious about this semester.  I’m wishing that one of my essays aren’t  like the one which I’ve mentioned a bit above. But am trying not to let it get to me, like it did last year. Thankfully, I have a few days off before I have to go back, so can relax fully for a short while before I have to go back for lectures.

Looking forward to Being Human being back on next week on BBC Three. It’s Series 4 finally. (Will talk more about that after Sherlock is over)

Anyways, watched the second episode of Sherlock on Sunday. Enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed ‘Scandal in Belgravia’. It was very good. Wasn’t what I had expected at all, I thought it was going to be set around the prison. But was pleasantly surprised with it. I thought that the nods to the original stories in the episode were brilliant.

So, we’re close to The Fall.

To quote Tumblr/Twitter posts ‘Tick Tock goes the clock, he killed the Hound and mocked Her. Tick tock goes the clock, till Sherlock leaves his doctor…’


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