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Nothing hanging over my Head: New Blog Post

Well finished it. Finished off what I had to do and have the thing submitted, thank goodness. Sorted out other stuff that I had hanging over my head before I started back, such as registering for the second semester courses on Moodle. Had everything else done last week.  I’ve sorted out my files also for Semester 2. Received a revised Semester 2 timetable also during the week and make necessary amendments to my academic journals.

Last Saturday I finally got to see War Horse. I loved it, enjoyed it thoroughly. Just got in, in time to the cinema (my cinema picks lousy times to screen great films, the latest they bother putting on a film is 9pm)

Went into Galway again on Friday. Was surprised that they had already Sherlock series 2 out for sale as it was not due to be out until Monday. So pleased I got it early though Open-mouthed smile. That same day, went to see ‘The Artist’. I love that film to bits, both toe tapping and tear jerking at the same time.

Watched  Sherlock ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought that it was a very interesting take on the original story ‘The Final Problem’. There were nice moments that reminded me of the original story. Looking forward to seeing what is decided to be done to conclude this series finale. But have to wait a year again for that. Not too fussed though, have a lot to preoccupy myself with until the series returns, or starts back filming again. If I had to say three stories that I would love to see tackled are ‘The Empty House’(Obviously), ‘The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton’ (Would love to see Milverton be played by Paul McGann, he was brilliant in ‘Always Crashing in the Same Car’, ‘Gypo’, ‘True Dare Kiss’ and that guest bit he did on ‘Sea of Souls’ , he could SO pull off Milverton if given the chance), and ‘The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot’ or ‘Silver Blaze’.

There is very little news at the moment concerning Being Human. There are small dribs and drabs. The season four trailer is out, fairly exciting stuff from the looks of it. Along with the the prequels and separate adverts.

Have three books already read this year, fairly proud of myself there. Working on a fourth as we speak. Finished ‘Broken by Kelley Armstrong’ and am now onto ‘Men of the Otherworld’ by the same author. Hope to finish John Connolly’s book ‘The Gates’, I am really enjoying it.

Working on my AU fanfic at the moment. It’s going well, very pleased with it. Have an idea for another, but I’ll digress a bit with writing it until I’m near the end of the one I’m writing at the moment. I have made notes of the ideas I have had though, so I don’t forget  what I wanted to write about.  Have also changes to make to the start before I start to publish it online.

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