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Back at College: New Blog Post

Well back at college this week. Thankfully so far it’s going well. Tuesday’s lecture went well. Thankfully on Tuesday I didn’t feel the journey up and down to Dublin. Must be because the weather is improving a bit. However I believe that a bit of a cold snap is heading our way. Just saw on Wednesday that the weather is going to get a bit worse. Have to read over my notes for next week. Have downloaded them from Moodle so I’m just giving them a bit of a look through for next week. But everything seems ok this time so far. Have just to watch two YouTube videos for class, but it should be ok. Should be ok though.

Worked away with that module on Wednesday and prepared for Thursday’s lecture. Amidst all of this, I have managed to write a little bit more of my AU fanfic. It’s a bit finicky at the moment as I’m working up to a reveal but am caught up with necessary if tedious exposition. However, it is helping my mind to relax after lectures.

Being Human is back on the 5th of February ^_^. Can’t wait to see it come back. Saw the advert after Sherlock on BBC Three and am a little bit more cautiously optimistic about the series than I had been when I saw the promotional photos. Apparently also Mark Gatiss is set to guest star in one of the episodes. Look forward to seeing how that would go.

Hoping to get a little reading done over the weekend, both academically and recreationally. Getting closer to the end of another book that I’m reading. Hoping that I get to the end of a couple more of my books soon, if not it doesn’t really matter. I am going well in my reading though, have a good bit of reading done already this year, so am pleased. I am very very busy for this semester, but will try to continue with my reading..

Lectures on Thursday went well for me.It should go ok this year, I hope that it does. Just have a weekly assignment thing to hand in and also an assignment due at the end of the semester that I was given yesterday. Hope to start full work on it over the weekend. Have downloaded my notes and am looking back over them also, the same thing that I’m doing for my Tuesday lecture.

Sunday is my day off from thinking about academic work, I think about it all week so it’s important for me to set time aside for myself to recharge for the next week otherwise I’ll just burn out. Which is what happened to be last year, I got terribly sick and was unable to continue going to lectures that year.It was definably stress related that time. That Sunday rule for myself tends to go a bit out the window though around the times that I have my end of semester assignment and when I’m trying to make the final tweaks to assignments. But I try to make up for it in the weeks after.

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