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Stretch in the Day-New Blog Post

Well back now for two weeks now. The thing that is definably noticeable is that there is more of a stretch in the day than there was even last week, thank goodness. Lectures went well this week. Got everything handed in that need to be handed in.

On Tuesday, just managed to get to lectures, had a few delays before I started out to come up to lectures. Thankfully made it up in time. Haven’t got into the shops yet, hoping to try and do so some time next week though. Thankfully, instead of being behind in the lecture on Tuesday and unable to follow the lecture, the exact opposite happened to me. I was actually too far ahead this time, thankfully. Still early days yet, I hope this continues to go well for me.

Thursdays lecture went well too. After everything, and even going away and looking at it a bit later on with fresh eyes, I managed to had it in successfully. I was wall falling though, but a quick detour to a cafe helped me out in that regards. The lecture went ok and am more along with the second weekly assignment that’s due than I had been with the previous one.

Things have been bonkers busy this week at home too. Had stuff to do at home before college on Tuesday and Thursday.My Reapersun Badges came in the post during the week, am very pleased with them. Also my Sherlock series one soundtrack came in the post before I had to go to college on Tuesday. My Qwertee t-shirt came in the post on Friday. Am just waiting for the t-shirt to come from OtherTees.

(Will post up my Being Human review in the next blog)


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