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It’s Been A Busy One- New Blog Post

Well what a busy week it was, however I knew that it would be. I headed up to Dublin early on Monday to see ‘Big Maggie’ in the Gaiety theatre. It was absolutely brilliant, stayed up that night in a nearby hotel. I did however get a bout of food poisoning from chicken I had before I left for the show, but that was the only low point thankfully.

Spent the day in Dublin then before I had to go into lectures. Went into Hodgis Figgis and got my hands on ‘The Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ by Laurie R. King and ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen. Was very pleased with getting my hands on those two books. Got my hands on ‘The Last Enemy’ in Tower Records, also ordered ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ in HMV to collect on Thursday when I had a bit extra cash.

Lectures went well that Tuesday, have to sit down with it and really concentrate on it to try and understand, but am hoping that it goes ok for me.

On Wednesday had to get ready again to go up to Dublin, thankfully I could go up a little later that night as we didn’t have something to have to go to on the Wednesday. Collected the DVD I had ordered.on Thursday along with the original Millennium Trilogy of films based on Stieg Larsson's book series, spent the time walking around town before lectures.

Thursday lectures went well for me. But I am so glad that the week is over. My reading is going well for me at the moment. Am also writing some fanfiction when I get a few minutes. It’s going well for me. Thankfully next week will be less busy and more normal for me. The week after is our reading week ^_^.

Being Human Series Four: Episode One – Reaction

Well it turns out that Series Four opens with a real cull in terms of main cast. There was not much surprise with the news that Sinead Keenan wasn’t going to be in the series as she had said so on her Twitter account and Russell Tovey had announced he was leaving through various mediums. However I was shocked with the exit of Tovey at the end of episode one. To be honest for all the strength that Toby Whithouse had claimed the characters had as individuals in both the first and second and third series, when it came down to the crunch very little strength was to be found with the ending of George, Nina and Mitchell’s narrative in the series. Nina’s death had been said to have happened off-screen (which I thought myself was a bit of mistake, fans want to give her a proper goodbye with a proper exit), and George’s end came by half transforming and dying of internal organ failure(which personally I found to be a bit bollocks at first if I’m honest, you just have to read Kelley Armstrong’s series of ‘Women(and Men) of the Otherworld’ to see that a werewolf would be very able to survive partially transforming without a full moon). However, on second glance at the ending I have to (grudgingly) agree that it is really in keeping with what was set up in series one when George says that ‘humanity is about love and sacrifice’. However, I have to say that I still think that looking after Nina’s new born baby would have been good enough for George. I found that bit where he said that he wanted to be with Nina rather than his child a little selfish. I would like to see Toby write the characters with a bit more of a backbone and to try and look back to series one and two and remember what made the series special, yeah it’s about ‘love and sacrifice’ but it’s also about friendship and the weird and funny times that a vampire, werewolf and a ghost experience living in a human world. Isn’t that what ‘Being Human’ is essentially all about for these characters. However, I did enjoy Hal’s introduction and I always liked Annie. And seeing the OT3 circa 1955 and I am looking forward to seeing how the series progresses, I like how Toby writes. Plus we have the brilliant Mark Gatiss on it as a vampire, so excited about that ^_^. 



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Feb. 14th, 2012 12:03 am (UTC)
I'm bugged by many of the same things, especially not getting a proper goodbye for Nina. Sinead has said so little about her decision to leave (not to suggest that she owes us any explanation, of course; she's quite generous enough with us as it is!), and I keep thinking about the venom directed at Nina by a few vocal fans last season, some of which spilled over onto Sinead in an unforgivable manner. I can't quite kill the niggling fear that she elected not to deal with any more of that. :-/
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