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Well this week was rather less packed than the previous one. Things were back to normal pretty much.

Tuesdays lecture was tough this week. Thank goodness I have reading week to try and figure this out in full. Also got my assignment, so also will be working on that for the next while also. It just means sitting down and giving it time. I hadn’t had the chance to do that due to being busy in the last few weeks.

Thursdays lecture went well for me. Got there just in time. I think it was because the Dublin Jameson International Film Festival was starting that day that the city was so packed. But then again, Thursdays are always busy in Dublin. Again, have stuff i can be working on in the reading week. Will use it to catch up on my class reading.

Went to see the final performance in Dublin of ‘An Inspector Calls’ on Saturday. It was absolutely brilliant. It is amazing that this is the same stage that can hold pantomimes as well as comedy events. You wouldn’t think they would be able to show it in a satisfactory way as it is meant to be seen, but you would be wrong. I have never been in the balcony seats before in this theatre. Every time I had gone to a production there I was on the ground floor of the theatre. The advantage of being in these seats were twofold. One the one hand, of course you had an excellent view of the stage. One the other, you got to see more of the interior of this beautiful gem of a theatre, including the chandelier that hangs overhead. 

In terms of fanfiction,  am still working hard at trying to make the AU a bit more coherent and also I was working on the finicky dialogue and actions that take place in Baker Street that is important in terms of later on in the fanfic at the military base. It’s an AU of Hounds, so it runs a bit differently to what Mark Gatiss wrote. I had started it before the series started running with a different hypothesis on what the episode would be about. I like how it’s going, however I do have to tweak it a bit on Word before I publish (I’m using the Moleskine app on my iPhone at the moment to get the ideas down fast). Also toying with writing a modern Mary Russell fanfic within the modern Sherlock universe. I kind of talked about the ideas I had already in a Tumblr post. But I’m going to try and expand my idea for the characteristics of a modern Mary here.

The character of Mary Russell as traditionally envisioned by Laurie R. King is a modern lady who is very intelligent and very able to look after herself. She is an interesting character to try and modernise. How I’m trying to get around it is making her a little older than she is originally in the first book. Adding to this, I have decided to make her one of Molly’s co-workers and friend. I think it would be in keeping with the character of Mary to have her work in this line. She’s also a slightly reformed computer hacker and can be slightly sociopathic.

Will have stuff up about the Being Human episodes in the next blog.


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