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Nose to the Grindstone time -New Blog Post

Well back to college. The week had gone too fast for me. Had so much things that needed to be done. It was a bit surprising how many real life things I had to catch up with. So the week that I had planned didn’t go according to plan. Actually was really disappointed it didn’t work out as I had planned. I had planned on getting a handle on what I’m studying. I’ll have to make time this weekend to catch up. I have though, since I returned from break searched online for some tutorial videos and I think that I may have figured out one pressing thing from that lecture on Tuesday before reading week.

Tuesdays lecture went a bit better than the last one did before reading week. Didn’t get quite so flustered with what we were doing. I actually quite enjoyed it. We were looking at different types of components behind networks. Found it quite interesting as we got a bit hands on with the components.

Thursdays lecture was good. Just have to get going with the assignment this weekend. I mean, I am a little behind with it. But I should be ok, it seems to be a fairly straight forward assignment. Just have to sit down now and give it a proper amount of time.

Thrilled also to report that I have passed the assessments that I had to do for Semester One, am so happy with myself.^_^ Working as we speak on planning assignments and my thesis just a little bit for Semester Two now.

Still working on my fanfics a small bit, whenever I get time. Just finishing up one chapter of the AU fanfic before I’ll go back and edit the first chapter before I post it up. Have a couple of sections to expand on before I post it up online.




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