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Last Weeks of Lectures-New Blog Post

Well, am finally at this point. Finished up with lectures this week. Yes, I do have assignments to submit on Moodle, but I don’t mind that so much as other than that being the factor to sort out, I am finished with travelling up to Dublin for lectures. So, let me regale you with what happened in that final week, shall I. ^_^

Well Tuesday was interesting as my lecture had been cancelled, it gave me a bit of time to whip up a presentation for Information Architecture on Thursday

Thursdays lecture went well. Had no lectures per say, we just had to present a presentation about our assignment for class.  Went out afterwards, was staying overnight. Had breakfast in Bewley's and did a small bit of shopping on Friday. Still home early enough then. Was really tired though, think the college years has finally caught up with me.

Had to go in to Dublin again on Saturday for a research methods refresher course. But didn’t mind that so much, found it very helpful for my thesis.

Submitted my assignment for Information Architecture. Now to play the waiting game for the results. Have only to complete my Managing IT Resources assignment, and then I’m done. Then I’ve only to (hopefully) to do my thesis.

Had to go up to Dublin then on Tuesday for the lecture that had been cancelled earlier. It went well thankfully, got a few questions answered that I had about my assignment. Also picked up a few things that I had ordered the previous week on the Saturday when I was up. Also got my hands on Being Human Series Four on DVD. Again, apologies. Will get to my review of series four soon.  

In terms of writing generally, am trying my hand in submitting a poem for publication in a book in aid of Undershaw. Any way I can help. Probably won’t get into the book, but it’s worth a shot. Also, have the first couple of chapters planned out for my general fiction. Also have a bit more written of my werewolf fanfic, have started writing my Mary Russell fanfic ‘Subversive’(finally) and have started writing a fanfic called ‘The Adventures of Mr Siegfried Sands’ (Sigerson). Also, thinking of posting up on Deviantart a little poem I wrote a few months back.

It’s good to be back writing again, especially after my brain stalling on me a few months back.

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