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Have been a bit busy catching up with life things which had built up while I was still in college since January. I caught up a bit of reading. I finished off reading 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' and am now onto 'The Turn of the Screw', Also am reading Caitlin Moran's book. Also started and finished the excellent book by Alistair Duncan.' An Entirely New Country'. Am nearing the end of reading the Complete Penguin collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.

I felt as if I'm in a bit of a limbo in regards to my course. It reinforces my feelings that if I ever do another course after I finish this one, I will be doing it closer to home.
I am so tantalisingly close to the end of the course now, it has been such a long road to travel. I cannot wait to be finished.

In terms of my dissertation, I am just getting it done now due to a delay with one of my subject results. Hopefully it will be the end though finally in a few more months for me. Had to go ask for an extension due to my continued bad health over the past while.I really cannot catch a break between a family death and now this. Hope to hear that I was granted an extension, might signal a change in luck for me if so. I have been trying to get my work done but I have not been able to because of pain. It really disrupts the ability to write and try and do anything.

Doctor Who was absolutely brilliant, we only got five episodes this time. The last of which ending with saying a goodbye to the Ponds. We also got to see the new companion in action a little early on in the series in 'The Asylum of the Daleks'. Am looking forward to seeing her first appearance in the series alongside Matt on Christmas Day.

Was really impressed by the adaption of Parade's End that starred Benedict Cumberbatch. Am also really looking forward to seeing the first Hobbit movie. Am intrigued to see how the three movies pan out. I have read the book last Summer so am looking forward to seeing the finished product. From what I have seen of the production videos when they were released online, I am positively hopeful that it will work out well.

We have found out though that Sherlock S3 filming was postponed until March. So a bit longer to wait for that. I actually don't mind so much. Teen Wolf Series 3 started filming there a while ago. Am looking forward to seeing it when it airs. Being Human has stopped filming a few months ago. Am really really looking forward to seeing the new series  five now in January.

In terms of my writing, I had reached a bit of an impasse and have had a small writers block for the last month. Thankfully have started back in writing my fanfic now so am back working on both academic and fun writing. Have another chapter of my fanfic finally posted up and am happy to report that I have already 200 plus words wrote of the next chapter already. Am working on a Teen Wolf fanfic at the moment, have about 3,000 plus words wrote, but haven't them broken up into chapters yet.

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