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A new season is here and with that comes a renewed hope and personal drive. Winter is a season that can, despite the many happy festivities that can occur during that time can leave the person a little drained in body and, in my case I'm afraid can cause illness to occur. Of course, with illness comes a lack of energy and the inability to get the most important of tasks finished. But what's in the past is in the past, we move forward and use the chance we have been given to help make things right. People who read my tweets would have noticed that I have been loosing my sleep over this course and the trying times it had put me through. On the upside, I received my LAI card and am rather chuffed.This May though I am hoping to finally leave this long chapter of my life behind me. Also on this blog, people may have noticed the disappearance of the ads from here, that is because I finally got a paid account here.

So what's next for me when I'm finished?
Well I have been trying to get a job in my chosen field for a while now. I have visited libraries and have even applied for an internship through JobBridge for a local library placement that I wasn't successfully in getting again this year. I'm trying to stay optimistic. Hopefully there is a job out there for me. I am a very good worker. I really want to work in what I'm qualified to do. All young professionals know what I'm talking about here and know of what is crippling both the public and private sectors at the moment in regards to staffing. It is a little frustrating, but I'm hopeful that things might get better, they have to.

Doing something new:
Apart from this, I have decided that as well as blogging, I'm going to take up my camera and vlog a bit. I have a new channel set up all ready to go. But I cannot do anything until I get this work finished. Will be doing an intro vid, but it will be just saying what the channel is about and will be text based.
Needless to say I am a bit nervous about it, but really want to follow through on it  this time. Before I have tried to start vlogging, but always things ended up not to be. I did try to do it once before but never really followed through with it. I hope to try and do it this time though.

And a final word on my fandoms:

Well a bit saddened that Being Human UK is finished up. It had however a fantastic run. I have to say that although it may have ended, it is definably went out with a bang. And as I keep pointing it to people online bemoaning the fact that it IS ending, let me just say that really when you think of it, in the context of this particular programme you can't really get any bigger than having the devil as a villain in your show. And as Toby Whithouse pointed out, it's left to us fans in seeing how it goes next.
It was very fun to see Toby Whithouse playing Secretary for state in the episodes this series, although it did cause me to note that now that that has happened on Being Human, we should probably in about a year see SteMo playing the Prime Minister in Doctor Who.

Also was saddened to see the end of Merlin. It was such a fantastic series and the final series didn't let us down in that regards. Finally we have seen what we have gotten to see what we have been waiting for since the start of the series to happen had finally happened. What I'm talking about is that Merlin's magic was finally revealed.

Doctor Who started back over the Easter. Have to say that I am really impressed with Clara Oswald as a companion. She's clever, witty and a bit hyper. Really how I like my companions. Also impressed by the new look that the Doctor is sporting this series. Again, this is sort of a clever little thing done by changing the Doctor's costume. Each time the Doctor changes companion it would seem we get a variation of the original costume. This also can be read into what it means in canon, you have been left to speculate rather an awful lot of the changes in costume is a bit like the Doctor closing a chapter of his long life. In fact the first time that this particular fact becomes clear first when you watch back in series three of the New run of Doctor Who.

I have added a few more fandoms to what I already like. as you guys know, I'm a big fan of Being Human UK, Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who. Well now I have a couple more fandoms that I have gotten into.
In the last couple of months, I have gotten into watching and catching up with Teen Wolf which I really really enjoy. Also have been watching Arrow since episode one first aired on Sky One back in October and I love it. Also love watching Beauty and the Beast on Watch.

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