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A Happy Change in Fortune-New Blog Post

Well things moving along for me at the moment. Had applied for two jobs. Hoped to have heard some good news regarding them both, but so far got bad news in regards to the first job. I didn't get it, it would have had me working as a tour guide. I still haven't heard from the other job. On a happy note, I had a very fortunate turn of events though with a previous disappointment that I had. It turns out that the internship, that I had applied for through JobBridge came up again and this time I got it. I am absolutely thrilled as I really really wanted get that opportunity to begin with.

Started working at the start of May. The work is good and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Watched Doctor Who and loved it. Finally getting to see part two. The season finale was fantastic. Also had been looking forward to seeing Sky Living show Season 3 of Teen Wolf, but it was announced that they had dropped it. Which is so unfortunate as this season looks to be fantastic. Thankfully though, in utter desperation not seeing the DVD of Teen Wolf season 2 released, I found a way to see it. That does not mean that I won't buy the DVD, I will be doing that too. In fact I already have it preordered.

Working currently on the script for my first vlog also, I do like to multitask. Have to also get my equipment together for to blog properly. Still finding it hard to find the time to go in to get equipment. have the introduction almost ready to post up.Pleased with progress on the script. It's just for the first video, but I do want to say what I mean rather than work ad hoc. I have a little bit of a habit of leaving out something that Hopefully I won't.

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