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Making Progress-New Blog Post

Well, it's coming up to that time of year again, the Galway Arts Festival is coming up in July. I have booked my tickets. Am going to see Imelda May, Stella and Lou,The Night at the Proms with the RTE Orchestra and the Heathers in concert. Am really looking forward to it. As well as that, the Galway Film Fleadh is going to be freaking brilliant this year with Zachary Quinto and Saoirse Ronan both going to be in attendance.

Have also booked tickets to the 'Wolf's Bane' Teen Wolf convention that's taking place at the end of August start of September. Have booked the hotel, just have the flights to book and also have to get a replacement passport as I lost my old one.

Work is going really well for me. Am really really happy and contented going into work each morning. Am finally getting to see what the hard slog of earning my Masters has accomplished (even though it's only for a short time). It's great to be working hands on in the library and helping the library patrons. You learn an awful lot about people working at the desk. Am learning an awful lot from my colleagues also. Am really blessed to be working with two very genuinely lovely people.

Got back writing my original fiction. Changing it around a bit from what I had originally wrote. Scrapping what I had written before but will use it at a later date. As an introduction, I felt that it wouldn't be appropriate at this moment.I will be using it though at a later date.

Nearly finished my Teen Wolf fanfic. Waiting to see how the canon plays out in season 3 before I am happy to publish it. Very happy with it at the moment though and have a second sequel fic planned.  Have to get back with 'Subversive" now as well as my other Sherlock fanfics that I was working on. Also have to get my other ones typed up. Will get to that in time.

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