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Well, it's nearly time for Wolf's Bane. Am really really nervous as it's my first 3 day convention. Earlier on this month and on the hop I decided to go to the absolutely brilliant Dublin Comic Con. As you know, I had made plans for to go to a convention a few years ago by the name of Housebroken, but the entire event was cancelled. Needless to say, have been a bit gun shy ever since then in trying to go to conventions.

I have booked my hotel accommodation and also my flights. Just clearing up a few things now before I go. I know as I am traveling from Ireland, I don't necessarily need a passport, just some form of ID like a licence. I have it, but I would honestly have felt more secure having my passport, so I reapplied for it.(I lost my old one which went missing when we had an oil leak at home a few years ago) I have to say, I would definably recommend to anyone who wants to get their passport fast to use the Passport Express service that An Post offers. It's fantastic and my request was dealt with in a very prompt manner indeed.

And in more recent news, Tyler Posey isn't going to be able to attend the con now. I feel like a right eejit now as I had forked out €22 for a 'McCall Pack' t-shirt to cover my ass at the convention. But hey, at least I can wear my triskellions to the con without worry right :D. Am planning on wearing it now to the convention, regardless of that. Will probably show off the t-shirt on Vine before I go too, it's a nice shirt. Also, am planning on wearing my yin and yang lioness pendant or my Wolf talisman to the con at registration I think. There might be sign of me 'Nerdfightaria' t-shirt there too.

Also, there has been a great has been a great bit of development in terms of guests. For being very quiet before, There are now four new guests announced. Now looking forward to meeting Sinqua Wells, J.R Bourne, Keahu Kahuanui, Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio as well as the original guests of Tyler Hoechlin and Stephen Lunsford.

There has also finally been news filtered in regarding the pricing of the convention and theme parties. A bit happy that they finally are focussed on the event. Even a couple of days ago there was word about the lanyard and programme art. So things are finally progressing nicely.
Unfortunately now at the convention there is going to be no dealer room at the convention which sort of is a bit annoying as I had already factored in the costs for the dealer room stuff when I bought my sterling in the Post Office. But anyways, what am I supposed to do. I mean, there was time enough to organise all of the stuff to do with the dealer room months in advance if they didn't get side tracked with other events that they had in the future. Sure when everyone was fretting about the tickets, they announced the first guest for an event that wasn't until next year.They certainly didn't do any of that when it came to Wolf's Bane while planning that other event. Anyways.

Have a little plan for posts on Vine, planning on using the tag #WolfsbaneVine during the con. So shenanigans will ensue.(Anyone willing to wear a wolf mask and do the elevator bit in the Gangham Style vid let me know)

Am really really excited about this convention,

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