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Wolfs Bane Convention: New Blog Post

Well, the time finally arrived for me to go to Wolf's Bane con. By the time it happened I was just so anxious to get there and get my missing e-ticket that I didn't really get nervous or really that excited at all about the convention.

Con registration was at five even though I had thought that it would have been at either 1 or 3pm. Only found that out the night before when I had my flight booked for early that morning. There was a teen wolf table quiz and a disco on in the evening after we had registered. Felt should have had DVD showing with lots of comfy cushions instead as everyone seemed to be too tired to function after trying to make it to the con. Stayed at disco until 11:20 when I decided to mosey on up to my room.

Saturday was the start of the main con events.Went to the Opening ceremony in the morning.Got photos with Tyler, Keahu and JR on Saturday. Got my free autographs on Saturday. Stephen noticed my triskele necklace. JR and Keahu noticed my ' McCall Pack' t- shirt. Went to the talks with Tyler and JR on Saturday and sat in on the end of the first on with Keahu, Stephen and Sinqua and also went to the one for Melissa Ponzio and Linden Ashby. Went to the theme party and stayed until 12:30

Got my Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio group photo and Melissa Ponzio photo done on Sunday.  Went for second set of paid autographs also, would be definably something I would get done fully on the first day next time. Stephen noticed my wolf necklace too on the second day.Saw the Pivot questionnaire and closing ceremony then.

I was hoarse by the end but didn't care. And I met some great people at the con. Was relieved that I had taken the extra night in the hotel to recover before my flight home in the morning. I absolutely loved it and would definably go again to the next one next year.

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