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Well the weekend course went well. Everyone on the course was so friendly. Really enjoyed it. It was so refreshing to have somewhat of an idea of what making a film entails. Unlike the times that I felt I was floundering in the Information Technologies module in my Masters.  Speaking of which, I finally am through with the course and am qualified. Which pleases me greatly I can tell you. It took me a long time to get to this point. On the downside however I found out that I was not eligible for the internship in Galway library. Anyways, c'est ça.  I have tried for other jobs in the meantime. I went to the showing of both films last Wednesday and they both turned out to be fantastic.

Whoops, forgot to mention about Teen Wolf in the last post. But yes, Teen Wolf was back on our screens, as was Sleepy Hollow, Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and Grimm. All in all am one busy fangirl this weather. Marvel Agents of SHIELD was also back on our screens. I saw that episode where the guest star is the legendary Stan Lee, it was brilliant. How the series finished in the season finale was really really brilliant. Cannot wait until series 2 hits our screens. Really enjoyed watching The Musketeers, Peter Capaldi was absolutely brilliant in it. To be honest, I think it was a mistake to say that the Cardinal would be killed off. What if instead, he decides to retreat to a monastery.  Also, I think I have mentioned in the previous post that I am not particularly pleased that we have to wait until August for a new episode of Doctor Who. However, thankfully photos and videos are starting to trickle in from Cardiff. Have no idea of what is going on in it but it all looks very exciting. Peter Capaldi looks amazing as the Doctor. Can't wait to see his Doctor in action in August now. The Teen Wolf S3b was really amazing, such a good series, it went from strength to strength if you ask me. It's such a pity though that still S3 cannot find some channel too show it on. (Don't even get me started on iTunes Ireland, it's a joke. They don't even offer TV series on it) Also, In the Flesh was back on our screens, I really enjoyed it, I hope that it get's a third series.

The exciting news that I have is that I had gotten tickets for both MCM Comic Con in April (first con of the year) and Dublin Comic Con in August.  The MCM Dublin con was absolutely brilliant. The only bug bear that I have about it Also have the Wolf's Bane 2 tickets that I had ordered back a few weeks after I come home from Wolf's Bane in September, thankfully have my e-ticket in hand for when I go over next month. I have all nearly sorted for going over to that con, I have already my room booked(and now confirmed) in the hotel, I have also booked my flight over. I just have to get a list together of what I'm packing. I also have to see is it too late to book photo ops. I also booked some of the tickets for the Galway Arts Festival.  It's very exciting, this year we not only have John Mahoney returning during the Arts Festival. We also see this year the return of Cillian Murphy and also Stephen Rea is joining him this time. Have to try and book tickets for some of the other of the shows before next month. This years programme of events looks absolutely brilliant if I'm honest.

Have another blog post with the full report of the April MCM con in Dublin.Am hoping to get the post up from MCM Expo Dublin in the next while. Hopefully before July as things get very busy for me in that month.

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