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More stuff- New Blog Post

There was quite a few things that I failed to mention in my last post.
Meant to mention in the last post that I have become a fan of a few more series. I finally caught up on 'Game of Thrones' which I love.
I started to watch 'Penny Dreadful', really enjoyed it, it's a very interesting take on the traditional horror stories. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out, am definably going to stick with it. Also I have started to watch season 4 of 'Teen Wolf', am really enjoying it so far.
Also am very happy because 'Doctor Who' is back on our screens. Peter Capaldi is absolutely brilliant as the Doctor.

Started as well to listen to 'Welcome to Night Vale' finally. Had tried to do so in the past, but couldn't really give it the time that it required of me to listen to it. Am really enjoying it.  Have nearly caught up in all the episodes now. I have just to listen to the current episode now. Am also going to be heading to the Sugar Club to the Friday date of the live show in October. I can't wait.

Went to the fan screening of 'The Fault in Our Stars' on the 12th of June. A week before it was due to go on general release over here in Ireland. Had been waiting for its release over here,and I really really enjoyed it. It was the closest that I had ever seen a film to accurately portray what was in a book. There was obviously a few very minor discrepancies from the text, but nothing really major. In a type of blink and you'll miss it moment, you will see the only real mention to 'The Hectic Glow', the band that are mentioned in the book alongside Hazel's love of the fictional book An Imperial Affliction  by Peter Van Houton (played by Williem Defoe) is a poster in Hazel's room. I am not annoyed about this omit to be honest though, I thought that it was really sweet for the two to be sharing ear buds listening to music (you can't get every single thing in, it would be impossible). I did love however that the soundtrack features one of my favourite Irish bands Kodaline. And it's the one song (along with High Hopes) that can bring me to near tears. There were a few more changes that are chronicled here in this article . However, despite that they DID keep the heart of the story there. It is definably one of my films of the year.

Also, my phone went bust, so had to scrap the plan to get a new camera. Happy with how it is working for me. Will have to wait until later to get a new camera though.

Went to Wolf's Bane 2 over the weekend of Friday 11th July-Sunday 13th July  in Birmingham. Had a really great time at it. The guests were fantastic, will be posting a blog on that as well soon as well as my report on Dublin Comic Con which was on from the 9th August-10th August.


Got another chapter of my fanfic Subversive finally up online. It's a fairly longer chapter than my previous ones coming in at around 2,000 words. But I have to admit, I had found it difficult to find an endpoint for the chapter. In other news of the fanfic variety, I had started three Doctor Who fanfics (not of the Phoenix variety as I had written before, but something different. I have to face into doing one with the eleventh Doctor and Phoenix but I haven't thought of any idea yet as to how to do it)
I  have one of them already posted up online called 'The First Face this Face Saw' on fanfiction.net. A link to that story can be found here

Anyways, am still working on my MCM post as well as my post on DCC and Wolf's Bane 2, hopefully they will be all be ready soon.

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