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Getting On with Things: New Blog Post

Well finally got the last blog up. Working on stuff now as well as FanFiction. Have several ones planned for over the Christmas. Was trying to get going with a second Doctor post to accompany my first Doctor ones. Have asked people about what stories to add that would be essential viewing for Whovians. I have recently finished an article about Osgood, a character I have a deep respect for and I wanted to look to see why it is that she is the most popular secondary character that has been created in the last couple of years. Why she is interesting is easy enough to see, she is normal.

But enough about that, if you would like to read more of my article, it can be found here. Am working on a look at the year that I have had. It has been quite a busy year for me and very rewarding.
I am just looking forward to my birthday. It's on the fourth. Heard that on the fifth of January, Doctor Who starts filming. Have watched the Christmas special when it aired on Christmas day.Have to say that I am really really happy with it. It certainly made up for what happened to Osgood (however I don't fully forgive him for that). It was nice to see long time fans weigh in on the death of Osgood in their vlog review.

This is a guy I have respect for as a Doctor Who fan so to have him weigh in on this matter and say that there was no logical reason to kill off Osgood is valid. Anyways, enough about poor Osgood for a bit.

I finished my semester with just one small complaint of lack of sleep. Have submitted everything that was required of me.  Have said that I wanted to blog a bit and write a bit more for myself before the end of the year and I think that I am succeeding in doing that. Watched the Doctor Who episode 'Last Christmas' on Christmas Day and really enjoyed it. In terms of my fanfiction, I have started a few new fanfics. Also working hard on getting my look of what happened to me over the year done. This in any case will be my last normal post before New Year.

In terms of fanfiction, the fire has been rekindled in terms of writing for Twelve. I was a little reticent in writing during the complete Doctor Who series 8 due to all the things that could happen and indeed did happen. It is also quite dangerous to do a fanfic at this time because, as I've discovered. Companions could leave and then you would be left with trying to figure out how to fit your story around the new companion. It is also difficult as with a new Doctor comes a new personality and you have to account for that when you are writing your fanfiction. As you know, I did write two what I would call rather safe fanfics at the start of the series. One being called Who I am, Who I Was and the other called The First Face This Face Saw

I feel that this is the time however that I can write a bit more because I feel as if I can write a bit for this Doctor now. It was nice to be left wondering about what this Doctor was like throughout the series rather than knowing straight away how to write for the Twelfth Doctor. Had an interesting idea during watching the series. It was based on something that was mentioned by the Great Intelligence about calling the Doctor 'The Beast', I think I have an ending now for that particular fanfic. I found myself thinking a lot about touch and the lack  of in the last series. It features a bit in one thing that I'm working in. But am quite excited about a ficlet I plan to have up in the next few days, it's on the theme of acceptance. Also have one that I'm quite excited about getting my teeth into in the new year and that is a fanfic that features my childhood hero Grace O' Malley and a Doctor Who creature that we last saw in an 80's Doctor Who story. But hey, that's a story that will be told in full in 2015.  For now, watch out for my last post of 2014, which will be a look back at the year. 

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