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Finished up my internship at the library. Had been very sad to be leaving the job, really enjoyed it. Around a week before i was set to finish up there, I applied for an 'Introduction to Film Studies' course that I had been meaning to do for years but because I was busy with things I could not commit to doing it until this.


Decided to go do a Film Studies course. It was on every weekend for eight weeks. Really enjoyed taking part on it. Learning a lot of the aspects that go into filmmaking.


Posted for the first time on MoviePilot, am posting about Doctor Who on the site. My first post was called Coming in from the Wilderness.

Went to MCM Dublin Comic Con, had a really great time at it. Although I do feel that there are elements that they could look at improving for next years convention.


We had the premiere of the films that we worked on during the course. Was happy with how they turned out overall.

Also went to the fan screening of The Fault in Our Stars on June 12th a week before it was released in cinemas here.


Travelled over to Birmingham to Wolf's Bane 2 and went to the Galway Arts Festival. Also the short 'The Usual' was accepted into the GAZE festival in Dublin


Went to Dublin Comic Con and started watching the new series of Doctor Who. Found out that the Usual was nominated for an Iris prize


Started a Masters in screenwriting in the Huston school in NUI Galway. Added to that, 'The Usual' (was on continuity) and 'Rival Chivalry' (which I produced) was screened as part of Culture Night 2014. I also joined the Time Lord Society (WhoSoc) in college and enjoying it thoroughly.


Went to the live show for Welcome to Night Vale. Also 'The Usual' was screened as part of the Clones Film Festival


Finally got my post about the first Doctor up on Moviepilot. It was called "The original you might say,"- a brief introduction to the First Doctor . Was pleased with how it turned out.

As well as this, I was DOP on the short that we had to do for class, the finished product can be seen below.


Was working on another post for Moviepilot during November, but had been busy with coursework and then afterwards was busy getting Christmas things done. The article on Moviepilot was called "There's Something About Osgood"


Heard as I was finishing up also on the course that 'The Usual' was submitted into next years Dingle International Film Festival


Also went to the 'Talking Production' seminar, as I had covered in a previous post. I really enjoyed it.

In Conclusion:

I have to say that as this year closes and we edge closer to 2015, I am definably not in the same position as I have been previously. I have pursued something that I had given up myself ever pursuing. I have met new people who I have the luck of getting to know. I have also ended the year having been involved in three short films, one which was nominated for an Iris award. It was great to be involved behind the camera. I still have a bit of hope for the librarian side of things, but for the moment, I am putting that side of things on hold. I am enjoying being creative again for assignments, it reminds me very much of working on my undergraduate and I love it. It's my type of work. I hope 2015 is a good one for me as I hope that 2015 is a good one for everyone.

Until 2015, I bid you farewell. :)

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