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I hope you are fairing well in the first few weeks of 2015. :D

Myself I am hoping to break a nasty habit I have every January where I go into a paralysis where little work can be gotten out of me. I started into work after my birthday by doing just the small thing of downloading the documents needed to write up a thing for my presentation for TV Drama. I have decided on doing it on Doctor Who. The problem with that is picking an episode that is the best example of classic writing from the classic era and what would be the best example of new style of writing in the current series of Doctor Who.  In the end I chose 'Pyramids of Mars' for the classic example and 'Mummy on the Orient Express' for the new example(it just edged out 'Kill the Moon'.) I also had to write up something to do with my essay that was due on the Friday after I am back for Semester 2. Got that in ok.Have been preoccupied by my academic commitments. Got my results and am so thrilled that I passed the first semester.  I am finding our Visual Writing workshop very interesting. In the first week we watched Un Chien Andalou
(finally got to see in in full, only saw it before in documentaries about Dali)

Have been working on small things since then for class. Just there on Monday I presented this to class.

Was quite happy with how it had turned out.

Met with my tutor about my script. Had an indication as to how it would go, let's just say I did not leave my class on Tuesday in good fettle, in fact I was rather upset. Anyways, after meeting my tutor, I went to a quiet spot and worked on the changes that she had suggested I do.
We had a talk to do with our screenwriting as well as a screenwriting seminar that I found very helpful, in fact it has really help to raise the fog that I had in terms of what I wanted to do with my character. I  have a bit of work to do but I should be ok. Wrote out the first ten pages of my script. It's really nice to be working on it. For the longest time it was just an idea on a page so now I can honestly say that it has become clearer in terms of even the story moving forward in a way that I wanted originally. I hope some of the middle instances that I had thought up for my idea are received ok at my next tutor meeting. Had to work on my plot point one there, I was fairly ok with it.  As usual my lecturer eviscerated it, I don't think he gets what it is I'm trying to achieve with this screenplay, which is bloody frustrating. Am getting a bit demotivated by that class if I'm perfectly honest. Fortunately for me I am made of tough stuff, so even if I am demotivated and feeling down, I'll continue to turn up. I'm not a quitter.

Doctor Who has started back filming in Cardiff since the 5th of January. Am very excited about that. It has just started filming its second block, according to Twitter. As well as that Sherlock started filming its Christmas special in Bristol on the 6th, it finished up a couple of weeks ago. Very excited about that.  Over the New Year watched the very last episode of Miranda. Was sad to see it finish up. As well as that the last Cabin Pressure was on the radio just before Christmas. Was sad to hear it finish up, but really enjoyed it when it was on the radio. I got to see Birdman and the  last Hobbit movie over Christmas. Also got to see Paddington too finally.
In relation to my fanfiction, I am nearly finished a  one shot fanfic to  do with Doctor Who. Am really excited about it. I  was working most of Christmas and into New Year on it. Hope to have it somewhat in  a way that will be presentable soon enough.

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