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The Final Push- New Blog Post

Forgot to mention that I am doing ok with the course. Had assignments that I got done there not too long ago. Am happy with the result that I got in it. Watched Better Call Saul and  am catching up with Breaking Bad. Also started  watching and finished series one of Daredevil, really enjoyed it.Also finally finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black before the new series is added to Netflix, really enjoyed it. Am finished lectures now, can't believe that I'm finished all except for writing my screenplay. It has been quite a fun experience, difficult at times but really enjoyable.

We had the tenth anniversary of the return of Doctor Who. For me though, my first episode is the Unquiet Dead. I'm ten years in this amazing fandom and I'm not going anywhere. I had a weird old personal history when it came to watching the show. I remember watching an episode when I was either 3 or 4 in the 80's and it having an opening similar to a Smarties sweet ad on the telly around that time and always mixing the opening up with that Smarties ad.(If anyone remembers that ad other than me, please share a link with me) In 1996 I had a personal matter that happened around the time the TV movie aired. I only got to see that the Christmas of 2005.
Doctor Who is always something that seemed impossible to  get into before 2005. It was something that wasn't really mentioned that much before it came back in 2005. When it was mentioned, it was mentioned only in passing in articles I read. It just seemed inaccessible. Also, added to the bother of all that was the question: where could someone get their hands on the VHS of the episodes (I only became aware that HMV in Dublin had the VHS of Randell and Hopkirk deceased, the new one by chance. Anyways, 90's Ireland was a bit weird to live in)
I'm telling this story knowing well that I just carbon dated myself, but frankly I don't care anymore. What I want to say is that this particular show has been the source of great happiness for me. I have met really great people who enjoy the show as much as I do and I have watched the fandom grow in Ireland from being something really small to being something really popular with people. I still have stories that I have to watch and books and audios to listen to. I love it.

Am currently finishing off stuff for college. Have some of my stuff submitted, am working on the rest of it. So at the moment I am experiencing a good few sleepless nights before I have everything done until my final script submission in August. But am loving every minute of it. It has really helped to improve my writing. What I have learned from this course is something that I will carry with me, that's for sure.

Amidst everything however, I have had a little time to think about things to do with my fanfiction. I have written a small bit, but I cannot think of them fully as I would like. But it has become clearer to me what I wanted to do with it. And it's a nice reprieve from the work that I have to do at the moment, albeit for a short period of time that I give myself to it before I have to go back to do coursework. The course has helped with that. I had a lot of ideas which I had forgotten about but thankfully am getting back to now.

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