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Well I have officially finished all required work for my course. Handed up my final draft for my  screenplay. I am relieved to be finally finished. That being said as I've said before, I have had a rather positive experience of my time in NUI Galway.  I went to Nenagh for gape seed, it has changed quite a bit since I was there last. Went up to Dublin, can't believe that it was October when I was last there. Not much has changed, picked up a few things in Forbidden Planet there. And it's lovely to get my time back to doing what I want to get done in Galway. Enjoyed being off and not having to work on essays or stuff for class (well except for working on my blogs of course). I am going to have to have to redo my script I know that. But at least I am finished all to that.  Am working on two side blog posts to this post. Am still working on my Second Doctor one for Moviepilot, but am also working on a blog post for here about unconventional heroes. I will also be picking up two particular blog posts that I hadn't posted up yet. I have a bit of the work still to do on them, so hopefully you will see them up here soon.

Also managed to get away for a night to Killarney, had meant to go to Cardiff, but it kind of fell through for me. But had a relaxing time in Killarney when I was there. Brought back a lot of memories for me when I was young and we used to have family holidays there when I was a kid.

Picked up things to help rejig my cosplay outfit before the conventions in August. Picked up a new pair of  TARDIS converse online. Did not go to Wolfsbane 3 this year, it has gotten too expensive for me to go. Plus it made my July pretty busy as I had the Galway International Arts festival to go to.

Speaking of which, went to Kodaline in July as part of the Galway International Arts Festival in the festival big top. I got the tickets early luckily (the price goes up in June to €60). Also am picking up some of the tickets in the next while for the shows that `i want to go to see also. I make it a thing to go to the Arts festival every year. I really enjoy it. I have been attending the Arts Festival since 2000.

Also more recently got my hands on tickets for Welcome to Night Vale in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on the 19th of September. I went last year in October to the live show and really enjoyed it, went to the show again.   Unfortunately I missed the premiere of Doctor Who Series 9 as it's on the same night as the show. But just before it was set to air, I got a means to watch it in the hotel when I came back from the show. I really really enjoyed it. Am thrilled that the series is back finally.

Also managed again to pick up some things in Forbidden Planet and Sub City in Dublin before I went home on the Sunday. I was thrilled to pick up some actual Target novelisations and some Doctor Who related stuff from the early eighties about Doctor Who. Also picked up the figure of Ace from Remembrance of the Daleks and some alternate covers for the comics that I got online and in Sub-City Galway.

I also got tickets for November for the Doctor Who Festival in London. Am absolutely thrilled that I did. I forgot to get them for the fiftieth and regretted not going. Am going to be there on the Saturday. Unfortunately didn't get my hands on a TARDIS ticket for that day but did get the general Cybermen ticket for that day. Don't know whether I will be cosplaying that day. I have to think about my bag going over. It's early days. Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver have been added to the list of guests. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get tickets for photos with Peter Capaldi but did get the Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver ones.

Went to Dublin Comic Con at the beginning of August. Was a little bit disappointed with the organisation to be honest. But other than that had an ok experience. Will be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and return next year. As long as the gaming (of both the card and console variety are moved to a room of their own. Felt awful for the people stuck in the corner while others were in line for talks and corralled them in.)
Also line management needs to be addressed for the panel room and maybe open the auditorium on the upper floor for panels like what they do in SDCC with Hall H. I mean, if you have this room at your disposal, why not use it.You are getting the crowds that would fill it. Also am hoping there is a replacement Doctor Who prop next year as this makes it easier for fans to organise meetups. Speaking of meetups, there was a meeting of Doctor Who fans on the Saturday of the con. Seeing as I was a bit too busy finishing off my screenplay at the time, it was kind of set up last minute, but was nonetheless very popular. Despite the fact that the convention organisers had yet again failed to get a Doctor Who guest.  Another quite disorientating thing was the location of Artist Alley in relation to the shop stalls.

Went to MCM Dublin in the RDS at the end of August. It was a bit more of a sedate affair than the one in the convention centre due to the timing. Am happy to report that the changes that had been suggested by fans last year were addressed. There was a more spacious room for the panels and the cosplay masquerade this year(last year it was lumped in with the wrestling stage and the acoustics were terrible). There were more displays made available and everything was reasonably priced. Artist's Alley was right next to the shop stalls which was very convenient. Also, the coffee dock was fully functioning outside all weekend, unlike last year.  Had another meetup at MCM. Unlike DCC, had managed to get word out about a meetup on the Saturday of the convention. It was a great success, there were a lot of Whovians at the event (I guess because they actually listened to people and got a Doctor Who guest again). The Whovian contingent even managed to win best group in masquerade on the Saturday of the convention. One thing is certain, the Irish fans of Doctor Who ARE here and need to be heard and not taken for granted.

Unlike DCC where I would fork out €30 each for autos and photos, the autographs for nearly all guests were either €15 or €20 with only the Katrina Law autograph (as far as I know) being €30. I also ended up with more money after than I did at DCC(again a simple thing which can be addressed easily for next year).  Also unlike DCC, at MCM you could actually see the food trucks in plain sight, apparently there were food trucks at DCC but no one could see them as they were at the back of the building (the cost of food in the convention centre, yikes!).

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