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Well, reached a significant age and also a bit of an ultimatum in regards to my health. I found out that I had rather high cholesterol. So currently cutting down a bit more. I have been a bit resistant to doing any diet related thing in the month of January due to having to try to get rid of stuff from the house before February 10th (Lent starts). I also had hoped that I would start for Chinese New Year rather than the Gregorian one as it seemed to be more convenient for me. That has had to change.
So that's what I intend to do.

In the house we are really starting to take loosing weight a bit more seriously. Plus we have a few goal markers to help motivate us to do so in the future. So that's what we are all going to do. Not just me (thankfully). As in the past I have tried to but failed due in part to the rest of the household not being considerate about what I was trying to do.
One such marker is the long talked about trip to Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience. Finally am going to be heading there in April for a two day trip. So am very looking forward to that happening.
Happily though, I am starting to get back my sleep. I started to have sleep problems in the last year of my undergraduate studies in Carlow. I was staying in an apartment complex and couple hear everyone passing to have their late night cigarette. Also could hear them all coming back from nights out. Thankfully after much struggling with it, I'm getting that normal sleep pattern back though.  Which is a good thing and my concentration is much better now. I find that am able to concentrate of things that I have to do.

Also, what had happened since I last wrote a post was that Steven Moffat had decided to step down as show runner of Doctor Who being replaced by Chris Chibnall. I hope though that Peter Capaldi stays at least for one Chibnall series though. Am not really ready to say goodbye to his Doctor yet. So I hope that Peter decides to stay just a little bit longer for us fans to enjoy.

I have as well watched the New Years episode of Sherlock. Have to say that I though that the pace felt more like the RDJ movies than watching an actual episode of Sherlock. Also it was more of a Doctor Who episode in feel. In short, I'm a bit on the fence with it. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a great Basil Rathbone/Jeremy Brett impression in period costume and did in fact loose what made his Sherlock Holmes so unique to the modern setting and retelling in the process. The stand out performance for me in this episode came from three people. Martin Freeman as John Watson just proves to me that if Jeremy Brett is the ultimate Holmes, Martin Freeman is the ultimate Watson.  Louise Brealey really showed her versatility in the role of 'Hooper', a Victorian take on our much beloved Molly Hooper. And of course Mark Gatiss playing a very funny if rather corpulent at times Mycroft Holmes, doing the right thing of paying homage to the ghost of Charles Grey with his own performance while at the same time sticking somewhat to the template of the modern Mycroft that the audience know and love.

I have started to watch some of he films that I had left on hold until after everything calmed down for me. I have graduated since the last time I wrote. I caught up finally with Community just before Netflix UK got rid of it. I also watched a few movies that I had meant to watch for some time now. One of which being Labyrinth, as well as 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'.
Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention that since I last posted, David Bowie has sadly passed away. I came to listening to his music through the 'Under Pressure' collaboration with Queen and eventually got my hands a few years later (actually the Summer before I started my undergraduate degree in Humanities in St Patrick's Carlow and before I got my Leaving Certain results) getting the three CD greatest hits. I must confess I did not go and look up all the classic albums he had released before he died. I can though say that I did get what had turned out to be the last CD he released called Blackstar. I bought it for myself as a birthday present for myself. On the Saturday after it was released. I was pleased to get it.

In other news, am back writing. Nearly finally have that long promised article about the Second Doctor. Also have a Danny Pink article that I'm writing, but that will come a bit later. Also am continuing work on my fanfiction.  I have been working on the another new fanfic as well as working on finishing off 'Kiss it to Death' which I am quite enjoying at the moment. Am continuing to work on the 'Rise from the Ashes' also, am enjoying how it's turning out. Have another story planned called 'Starborn'  , the idea came to me in a dream. I have the particulars written out as I remembered them from the dream. The problem is now, fleshing it out a bit, which I have started to do.
But I guess, more about that a little later.

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