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Well it's been six months. I'm still here and on the wagon still. Have lost around two stone and a bit (am very proud of my progress so far.) I'm doing this for myself and no one else. As I had mentioned before, I had high cholesterol and needed to change for myself. So I just did a few basic things. Increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet. Cut out the sweets and the crisps. And just stuck to my three meals a day and snacking on fruits and eating my vegetables. I also had started to drink some more fresh smoothies I made at home. I also started doing a bit of exercise each day and I have to say that I feel great now. It's amazing what a little bit of motivation and a lifestyle reboot can do for you. I have to say that I have been convinced.
What really opened my eyes to what I was eating was a couple of documentaries on Netflix. 'Vegucated' and 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' also 'Food Matters', 'Knives over Forks' and 'Hungry for Change' as well as 'Fed Up'. I would have to say that those really helped me get in the right frame of mind to get loosing the weight. I cannot recommend enough those documentaries.
Speaking of documentaries, I want to talk about 'What Are you Eating?" Which I think myself is one of the best factual tv shows RTE have put on for a while now. Presented by the ever professional Philip Boucher Hayes, it examines where our food actually comes from and the practices involved in trying to get food from shop to plate. Although our food manufacturing practices are far better in my opinion than our US counterparts, there were still a few things that I found quite alarming. One of which being the way in which we prepare our bacon. Another shock was the one that everyone was talking about, the chicken fillet roll. As someone who used to eat them during the lunch at the library.
I finally went to Cardiff. Had started to plan it in February as a birthday present to myself and finally headed over in April. Had a lovely time there. Got ok weather when I went over.Went to the Doctor Who Experience and went to some of the places that were featured in the series. Also found it easy to keep to losing weight when I went over there, went to a local health food store and picked up some supplies. Also the bus service was very convenient and worth it to get a day ticket in the morning rather than trying to get the sightseeing bus which was twice the price. Wish I have a bit longer there, however I did get to Cardiff Castle and saw some of it before they closed up for the day. I was pleased to get there as the part I had gone to was featured in the Doctor Who episode 'Heaven Sent.' I stayed two nights over there before flying home.

I went to MCM Dublin on the 2nd and 3rd of July (this month) and met Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Peter Davison as well as Luke Pasquilano and the Hillywood Show. Had a great time. We had a Whovian meetup on the Saturday of the convention and was pleased with the turnout for that. Also had a bit of change of cosplay this year. I cosplayed the TARDIS on the Saturday and Osgood on the Sunday. Was very pleased with how the TARDIS dress turned out even though I had to compromise with the dress and buy another one because the one I wanted to get made never did. But it worked out well in the end. Have Dublin Comic Con in two weeks and Paul McGann is going to be there. Can't wait.
Another thing that has happened is that a lot of the series that I had an interest in were cancelled. Earlier on this year saw 'Agent Carter' fall prey to this, as did 'Limitless' which I really enjoyed as a show. Added to this 'Beauty and the Beast' is finishing up with this series. As well as 'Penny Dreadful' which was as usual absolutely fantastic this series. But the creator wanted to round off with this series so I guess we have to accept it. Speaking of rounding off, 'Teen Wolf' is finishing up at the end of Series 6. I am so proud of this particular show and am quite pleased that they have decided to finish it off with this series rather than leave its fate in the hands of the networks and leave us with a lousy cliffhanger as our ending (Like Forever and Limitless). That's not to say that I am not sad to see it go. I am very sad to see it finish up. I love this show. Critics from the start had panned this series but this series proved everybody wrong and created its own unique identity seperate from the films with bare it's name. It has been one of my favourite series to watch (alongside Doctor Who of course) the last couple of years.
I shall miss it and think of it fondly.
Another thing that has happened to me was that I finally got a job. I was absolutely thrilled. There had been a few moments where I thought that I wouldn't get the job but thankfully I was wrong. Enjoyed it. But unfortunately was let go when the work was finishing up in the place. So, back where I was before.
I'd say one thing for it though, it helped me with my writing. I had a bit of a writer's block and doing the work I had been doing helped to organise my head a bit better and dust off the cobwebs In my head. So am writing again.
Posted the next chapter of my fanfic 'Rise from the Ashes', which I'm very happy with. I am also nearly finished with the epilogue chapter of 'Kiss it to Death' and have finally started to edit my first part of my 'Wolfland' trilogy. Along with this, I also finally posted up my fanvid 'Sing a Sad Song of the Impossible Pair (All Coming Back to Me)' on YouTube.

Owing to the fact that before when I published, I was a little wary of posting it up on YouTube. But thankfully my fears have dissipated. It seems as if YouTube has sorted the copyright question out for me.

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