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Have had a very busy time of late, hence why I hadn't blogged here for a bit. Have had a lot of places to be and people to see. Went to the Doctor Who Experience back in October. It was great to see it again, it had changed a little bit from when I had seen it last. The Summer fair was in the Roald Dahl Plass and the Doctor Who Experience itself had changed. I had gone before, as I've written before here that I had gone back in the Spring. This time I had the opportunity to go on the the guided tour which conveniently was added in with our ticket which was great. Unfortunately the weather we had there wasn't too great, but we managed. Towards the end of the year, I had managed to get back to the Happy Pear twice. In October and December. Also have continued to loose weight up to Christmas. Of course, there was the Christmas binge, but it was better managed this time. Before Christmas I went and exercised and continued through the Christmas break. So things are grand for me now. Better than what they were for me this time last year. Found that there was a way in which you can control the Christmas bloat, much of it has to do with the replacing of the regular mineral at the dinner with Kombucha. By doing this, I felt less bloated than I would have been in previous years After Christmas dinner. Am looking forward to my birthday on the 4th. There have been a lot of changes since this time last year. I am very proud of my progress.

Also headed to Dublin Comic Con in August. Had a great time. Paul McGann was there.It was fantastic to meet him. Added onto this was the meet up. It was a bit hard this year to try and coordinate it as where we had originally a TARDIS that helped us direct people to directly. At the 2016 one, we had none. So it was a bit hit and miss. Hopefully this will be rectified for 2017. Also at the convention, I got two commissions from Mike Collins. I really love how they both turned out.
I have to say am absolutely gutted that Peter Capaldi felt that he had to go, I do however feel quite proud to have had cosplayed him at Dublin Comic Con. And I accept his decision to leave (it doesn't mean that I have to like it though. But I'll get over it, I always do).

Things have just kept going for me. I went to K-Con (Kingdom Con) and cosplayed the Twelfth Doctor and Osgood again. I had planned on going to the con as Agent Carter and had gotten my red hat and lipstick, but then Peter decided to leave so I've decided instead to do a bit of a farewell tour with my Twelfth Doctor cosplay outfit.

On the topic of the Twelfth Doctor, I also picked up this rather cool if a little cheeky t-shirt back in February before I went to Cardiff. In fact its first outing was at the Doctor Who Experience when I went again in February for my last journey before it closed in the Summer. Who knows, I might make it again. However, if that was indeed the last hurrah for trip it was a fantastic trip. I wouldn't really mind going back to Cardiff even if the Experience is indeed closed fully. I do think however that there will be a bit of a void without the Experience there as a vocal point for fans to go to. And seeing now that there is going to be a bit of a void there now there is going to be a bit of a void. It would be advisable for someone to set up a walking tour which would be updated fairly regularly with new information rather than the one on the official where the information hadn't been updated since series eight. The obvious omission on the part of the creators of the tour due to the fact that no locations for series 9 had been added to the tour. Another expansion to the tour I would suggest making is to have the tour expand to include more of the Cardiff city centre locations.

Found myself back in Cardiff then two montth later though. They had made the TARDIS tour available. Of course I would go to it, I love that version of the TARDIS. Would love to go back and do that tour again. I may not have met Peter Capaldi, but going to his TARDIS was the best. I love his TARDIS interior. Also, this time I got the sweatshirt of the design I had wanted for quite some time that I wore on the tour. I had met the artist myself at Dublic Comic Con last year and got a print of it, but I had spotted the t-shirt before that though and I had finally decided to get it for before I went to Cardiff. I also wanted to get this t-shirt that I had my eye on for a while, I really love it. I am a fan of this artist for a while.

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