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Hooray for Fanfiction

Yay, finished the chapter over the weekend 

Title: Deadly Allies
Author: Lionesskeeper
Characters/Pairing: none
Rating: PG-13(12)
Disclaimer: Stephen Mofatt wrote it, I just love it and want to write about it
Summary: Tom and the family Jackman are on the run after the encounter with his mother when they meet a K and U experiment. 

 Deadly Allies Chp.1 
Deadly Allies Chp.2 
Deadly Allies Chp.3 
Deadly Allies Chp.4
Deadly Allies Chp.5 

Title: Deadly Allies: Chp 6
Rating: PG 13(12), will change though.
The Jackmans were at the door of the house. It was already opened, not locked, Tom noted and quickly looked back to see Crystal being pinned to the floor by the hybrid. She managed to look up quickly and shouted at them ‘For God’s sake get inside, now!!!’ She then growled and grimaced in pain as the hybrid bit into her shoulder. Tom and Claire and the boys went inside. Tom locked the door. ‘Claire, take the boys into the back room and stay there’ he told her. The light flickered at that moment. Claire looked at her husband in horror realising what it meant, she knew Hyde was back. But he looked at her softly, her face softened too, they kissed before she left with the boys.
He stood at the door and heard the growls and scuffles outside, more hybrids had arrived, she was being overpowered. <<Come on Daddy, let me fly>> he heard Hyde say. The lights flickered again. <<Why are you so interested in her? It’s not like she’s family>> he asked Hyde. <<No Daddy not family, blood.  Because remember ‘It contained, along with the hybrid serum, a cultured solution of Jekyll DNA’>> Hyde said to him in Crystal’s voice. <<Oh God>> Tom thought. <<Let me fly Daddy if you want her to live>> Hyde told him. <<OK>> Tom told him quietly in response.
The lights flickered again. Tom closed his eyes and hung his head. The ring on his finger loosened and fell to the floor.
His vision went black.
A few moments later, Hyde was standing in the hallway. His gaze averted from the door to the ground where the wedding ring had dropped, he picked it up and left it on a table in the hall. He opened the door and went outside, closing the door after him whilst whistling ‘Girls and Boys come out to play.
‘It’s him’ one of the hybrids who had pinned Crystal on the ground indicated to the others. Their attention shifted to Hyde. They left Crystal alone who was bleeding profusely from a couple of areas on her body. Now that the attention had shifted from her, she had managed to drag herself away from the hybrids and prop herself upright balancing her whole weight on a nearby tree. She slipped in and out of consciousness but heard violent roaring and sickening violent snaps of neck. Her heart was in her mouth as she waited in nervous anticipation for Hyde. In fact she was petrified; Hyde was a being that had ripped out the heart of a lion, and a lion just so happened to be her hybrid form.
She heard the hybrids run away from Hyde. Then his own footsteps as he walked towards her. It was one thing watching him from a distance and even at that watching it had made her nervous, now she was petrified, her heart pounding in her chest. She couldn’t move, partly because of the pain from the wounds, partly because of fear for her own life.
His senses picked up on her fear, the smell of her fear was overpowering almost. He grinned evilly and walked over to her. As if she knew he was coming she shivered in pain and fear.
He stood just behind her, the hair at the back of her neck stood on end.
To her surprise however, he didn’t do anything only lent her a hand getting up. She locked eyes with him as she stood up. She didn’t speak, she felt as if she had failed the Jackmans. Failed to do what Sophia had asked her to do. When she was standing, she looked forward, away from him and didn’t look back at him. She felt ashamed of herself. She started to move back in the direction of the house.
He watched her as she limped back to the house. He saw Claire peeking out the door to see if it was safe. He could hear her heart jump in her chest and he knew that she could see him. He grinned.
Crystal moved on slowly until she spotted Claire at the door. She felt her legs give way from under her and she saw everything get dark around her.
Claire ran over to help her inside, her body was a dead weight though, and Claire struggled to try and lift her up but failed. Hyde was suddenly beside her with some speed and helped her then to pick her up and bring her inside; he locked the door behind him.

*Major five and ten Doctor Who fangirl squee*
I leave for the weekend and this happens*joy*

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