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Wow, what a weekend

Went up to Dublin shopping on Friday. Went up by train. Just spent the day up there, had a great time. Came down to Carlow today for Existentialist Lit at 3:30. Went and dropped off my bags and went shopping for groceries. Then went to Pizza Hut. Make sure to get Radio Times this week, the lovely Doctor is in p.14-16. Lovely James Nesbitt features on p. 37 of it as well as Mr.Hyde and the lovely Hugh Jackman is on p.51*squee* P.28 and 29 are of note too.
Eye candy,Eye candy,Eye candy*thud*

Jeez, long time since I could post anything that I did. Most of my art is updated now on Deviantart, though I thought I would share here too

Not as good as khaoschilde's excellent sketch, but it's Hydelove of a kind(must not ignore other  fandom)Have some fic chp. in the works too

Now you know why I stick to manips, damn me working at a slant. Hence the Doctor looks weird in this fanart

Doctor Who TARDISlove. Quite like how this one came out
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