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The internet isn't working in the flat again. It worked yesterday and now it's gone again. I had a load to upload. A chapter for my original fiction, my fanfics and a manip. Just on the week that I needed it.
Annoyed now

Ed. Fixed now 

27 December - 25 January -=- The Sphinx -=- The IntuitiveStone - QuartzFlower - LilyScent - EucalyptusColour - WhiteAnimal - LionLucky Number - 1The Sphinx was a treasure guardian and a shape shifter, able to change into the form of any creature. Similarly, those born under this sign can modify and adapt their behaviour to suit present company and current predicament. They are constantly challenging the world around them, and their mischievous quality can confuse those around them, so that only the most perceptive will know their true intentions. They possess great foresight and a deep sense of intuition; situations usually unfold just as they expect them to. They have inquiring minds and are very self-disciplined. They are eager for new experiences and are ready to rise to the challenge, but in all the excitement they do not forget about the practical matters in life. They create opportunities out of very little, and rarely jump to conclusions or allow prejudice to cloud their judgement.Positive Characteristics: A Sphinx is humorous, witty and fun-loving, but inside they maintain a serious, sharp-eyed attitude to life. They are strong willed and handle responsibility very well. They are optimistic and have great powers of concentration.Negative Characteristics: They can make errors of judgement based on their own strongly-held beliefs, and others may consider them to be arrogant and vain at times. Others can find their levels of intuition disturbing, they are too inquisitive for their own good. They also have a habit of blaming others for problems they created.Suitable Careers: Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors, are suited to nearly every occupation, best when self-employed.Affinity Signs: Amun, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Horus.Problem Signs: Thoth, Anubis, Osiris, Isis.Famous Sphinxs: Kirstie Alley, Nicholas Cage, Jude Law, David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, Kate Moss


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