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All hail the finickity plotbunny

Title: Deadly Allies

Author: Lionesskeeper
Characters/Pairing: none
Rating: PG-13(12),will change though in the sequel fic to this story/ (damn plot monkey preventing me from writing smut)
Disclaimer: Stephen Mofatt wrote it, I just love it and want to write about it
Summary: Tom and the family Jackman are on the run after the encounter with his mother when they meet a K and U experiment.  

Deadly Allies Chp.6 

Crystal woke a couple of hours later in her bed. She grimaced in pain as she tried to prop herself up. Then she spotted in the figure in the frame of the window. She couldn’t make out whether or not it was Claire, Tom or Hyde. Her eyesight adjusted enough for her to see that it was in fact Claire. Claire smiled weakly at her, she returned the smile.
‘Thank you’ Claire told her. ‘I didn’t do anything Mrs Jackman, why are you thanking me’ Crystal asked rather puzzled. ‘I would like if you called me Claire. I’m thanking you because you are deciding to help us rather than fight us’ she told her adding ‘I’ve seen that before…’ ‘With Hyde’ Crystal finished. ‘Yes’ she replied. ‘I can’t do this Claire, I can’t do what Sophia asked me to do, I’m not what I was before’ she told her. ‘What were you before?’ Claire asked her. ‘ I guess maybe a lover, a fighter…..and a killer’ she replied.
‘Oooh Mrs Jackman, can we keep her' Crystal heard Mr. Hyde pipe up. Crystal looked over at Mr. Hyde.
She was greeted with that distinct maniacal grin that Hyde always sported. He inhaled quickly. ‘Oooh, scared you didn’t I’ Hyde said. She looked away from him. ‘I’ll be honest with you because I know that there is no point in lying to you. What you did to the lion in the cage whilst saving Eddie really freaked me out’. She told him and at that looked over to him. He had a rather amused look on his face. She continued to look at him.
‘Why?’ she heard Claire say and her attention shifted from Hyde to Claire.
‘Because I’m part lion’ Crystal replied.
Mr Hyde stood up from where he was sitting and moved silkily around the bed. As he did so, their gaze locked on each other. He growled softly as he eyed her up. ‘Half lion, half human, all the pleasure to kill you my dear’ he purred bringing his face close to hers. Then his face quickly changed and became grotesque and animal like as he lunged at her with a ferocious intent. His face reverted back clearly bored as he said ‘There is nothing special about you’. But unlike all the times he had frightened Claire and Katherine doing that, this time it was different, he smelled no fear. He looked into her eyes; they had changed from hazel to golden brown.
‘What’s wrong Mr Hyde, not expecting that were you’ she said taunting him. Hyde felt Jackman wanting to re-emerge. <<Junior, you’ve had your time, you’ve saved her, sleep now, hang your head>>Jackman told his alter ego from inside his head. <<Shut up Daddy>> he retorted. She silkily tilted her head and tut-tutted him. ‘Oh, now Mr. Hyde, no need to sulk’ she told him adding ‘You just have seen something that I wasn’t expecting to show again. But I do think that it is about time that you let your Daddy drive, don’t you’
And with that she looked away from him. Claire noticed the last hint of golden brown leave her eyes. And a few seconds later Tom was back to her.
Crystal looked back at Tom who was just staring at her in disbelief. She looked away and wriggled her way off the bed and left then in a hurry rather embarrassed.
Crystal went into the kitchen, the pain had eased somewhat. She was ashamed somewhat at what she had shown Mr Hyde, she spent so long concealing it.
Claire made her way into the kitchen after her. Crystal turned to Claire and spoke.’ I’m holding back Claire, I keep my senses alert, but my bestial nature I keep hidden, and I don’t like how far I go when I get like that’ she told her adding ‘A year ago I got ambushed by K and U, my best friend sold me, my fiancée and the rest of my pride out. They have him captured somewhere and I can’t get to him to free him. The bitch was there tonight, she has taken my place. The rest of my friends that were in my pride were killed. I have no-one, Claire’ she told her. ‘You have us, Crystal’ Claire said. ‘I suppose’ was Crystal’s reply.
Later on at midnight, Mr Hyde emerged again. Crystal was keeping guard in the attic and he went up to her. ‘Hello Mr Hyde, how did you sleep’ Crystal called out. ‘Well’ was his reply. ‘I heard your discussion with Claire about your pride’ he added. ‘Oh really, did you now’ was her reply. She resumed what she was doing, watching out for any such movement from the woods below. He walked over until he was just behind her. ‘What do you want Mr Hyde?’ she asked him. ‘I smelt your fear the first time we met, yet when we met in the bedroom you didn’t budge, why?’ he asked her. She pushed the threat of attack out of her mind and turned to him. ‘I was showing off’ she told him gingerly adding ‘you haven’t seen it all though, there’s more, you’ll see in time’ she said. Her attention suddenly shifted, someone was coming.
Hyde heard it too. He watched as she went up to the window. Hyde went over and stood where she was. He noticed her eyes had changed to golden brown; however the pupil had become dilated. She turned to him. ‘She is coming’ she told him with a quivering fear in her voice.

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