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Deadly Allies part 8

Title: Deadly Allies
Author: Lionesskeeper
Characters/Pairing: none
Rating: PG 13(12), will change though in the sequel fic to this story/ (damn plot monkey preventing me from writing smut)
Disclaimer: Stephen Mofatt wrote it, I just love it and want to write about it
Summary: Tom and the family Jackman are on the run after the encounter with his mother when they meet a K and U experiment. 

Without thinking she rushed down to Clare and the boys. ‘We have to go’ she told them. Hyde rushed down after her. ‘No we bloody won’t’ he argued. ‘Is that both of your opinion on the matter or is that just yours Mr. Hyde’ she bit back. The lights flickered. ‘I’ll let him speak some sense into you’ Hyde told her. She turned away out of respect for both men.’ ‘Crystal’ she heard Tom’s bewildered voice say. She turned around to him. ‘Yes’ she replied. ‘Let us help, please Crystal, we are stronger if we combine our force to fight them, if Ms. Utterson is coming then let her. We’ll be waiting’ he pleaded with her.  ‘Ok, but first of all I have to ask you, why are you interested in fighting, I fight and live alone, I was sent by Sophia, I have no-one now, you have your family, I’m incidental’ she told him. ‘You’re blood. Hyde recognised it, as I do now, I can’t let you face them alone’ he told her adding ‘Let Mr. Hyde, Claire, the boys and me be your pride’
She walked towards the window and sighed as she looked out.
The lights flickered again. Crystal didn’t budge from where she was near the window.
Hyde had returned.
He walked up to her stopping again just behind her again.
‘Let’s play lions’ she heard him say.
She turned to him and folded her arms shooting him a withered look, before she gave a chuckle.
He just grinned at her.
Crystal led Claire and the boys to a trapdoor on the ground floor that had steps leading down to a small wine cellar. ‘Keep quiet, don’t make a sound. Boys, you’re to look after your mum’ she told them. They dutifully nodded. She smiled at them ‘Good’ was her reply. She then put the door down. She turned to Mr. Hyde. ‘I need to talk to Tom, I have a plan and it involves both of you’ she told him adding ‘I need a drink of water first’. And with that she walked over and got the bottle of water from the fridge, the light flickered as did the light of the kitchen. She heard Tom come to the door. ‘What’s the plan?’ he asked her.
‘You go ahead as Hyde, I will be right beside you, hidden though so they can’t see me. Hyde will need you, he might not like it, but he does’ she told him adding ‘I’ll be with you all the way. They’ll try to ambush you, they’ve been told your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been trained the same way as them so I know how they work’ ‘Ok, let’s go’ he told her.
A few moments later Hyde emerged from the house and closed the door behind him. Again he whistled as he walked a small bit down the way. There was a rustling beside him that quickened then stopped. He thought that it was particular. Her scent was in the air though and her heartbeat was present. He was not alone.

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