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I want you bad

To Quote the Offspring song

Title: Deadly Allies
Rating:Pg, for now

The six months since the incident at Klein and Utterson were busy ones for the Jackmans. Tom and Claire had decided to move house. In case anyone would track would come to track them down, including his mother’s Hyde, Ms. Utterson. Tom had found that his qualifications would be best suited to a job in the laboratories of a local pharmaceutical factory.
He didn’t think back much to that night much at Klein and Utterson’s. In any case, he was alone in his mind, he knew that for certain. But sometimes a strange somewhat familiar feeling came over him and he felt at these times that someone was watching him from the shadows, his Hyde grasping to live again he would muse. He was a Jekyll after all, never free from his curse. The beast was just resting.
His real mother, well his mother’s Jekyll Sophia, managed to send him e-mails through Katherine Reimer, his one time psychiatric nurse every now and again. Ms. Reimer was doing well for herself since they parted ways, now involved in a private clinic. Probably a way to reminisce on the time that she worked for him, the work that she did do was very similar to what her work was for him.
‘Hi’ she greeted him adding ‘How are you keeping?’ ‘Ok, listen, I don’t mean to bother you, I know you’re busy, it’s just I was expecting something……’ he said.
‘A letter from Sophia, it just arrived on my desk today’ she told him handing him a small envelope. ‘Thank you’ he told her. ‘Don’t mention it, now I have to get back to work, nice to see you again Dr. Jackman’ and with that, she left him. He opened the letter expecting to see typed txt, instead it was the handwriting of his mother, Sophie, and it read:
Dear Tom,
I am pleased to hear that my grandchildren and daughter in-law are keeping well. I am also heartened by the fact that you are too. However, my time is growing short and soon Utterson will take full control. She has now assigned the hybrid division of Klein and Utterson to the task of finding your family. They are ruthless and bloodthirsty. Perfect hybrids, those were both animalistic and sadistic. I regret to say that they will indeed find you. However, I too have one final trick up my sleeve. You see, a while ago, before the hybrid program was discontinued to let the company deal with you, two hybrids escaped before they could be corrupted. I kept in contact with them but kept it hidden from Utterson. One of them will come to protect your family tonight after midnight, her name is Crystal.
I want you to know that I loved you very dearly and regret not being able to be the mother you wanted. I am sorry for this burden and the bloodline that you had to inherit.
Yours with fondness and love


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Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
Happy Squeak!
More new Jekyll fanfic! Ok, I'm obviously lagging as I just saw this...but now I have lots of good chapters to catch up on...lucky me!
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