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Neighbours and Writers

Just a little bit, as it's getting beyond the beyond now for me
I rarely rant about stuff(on this blog at least), but here we go

No I don't mean the TV show, I mean actual neighbours. 
Let me explain a bit more what it is that get on my nerves about them. The way that they constantly insist on butting into the lives of people who haven't seen them since the last funeral etc. This goes on constantly, it would seem that people(especially in the area that I live) do not care about others in the community unless something bad happens to them, then they want to know who is getting land etc., haw will the person cope, are you selling the land now the person is dead, and so on and so forth. I'm not a misanthrope, however with neighbours like that........

Nuala O Faolain
(half rant, half commendation)
Big news in the paper this week was of the writer Nuala O Faolain, who is unfortunatly now dying of cancer. Let me just say, deepest sympathies to her. However, the media coverage is a little bit hypocritical. Let me explain. While Ms. O Faolain was in perfect health, the only way that you would hear of anything to do with her was to look at either the Irish Times or Irish Independant's review section(and she might get into the Living or Life magazines in the Sunday Independant). However, with the news that she is dying of cancer, the bloody rag of a paper that is the Irish Daily Mail has jumped at the opportunity to use their big font to pester the poor woman, long after the Times and Indo dealt with the matter(the most tasteful way I thought that it was dealt with has been in the Sunday Indo's Living section with a poem for poor Nuala)
Special note goes out to Marian Finnucane who did an excellent interview with her last weekend, well done.


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