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Went well I thought

The exam went well yesterday. Am back home, Doctor Who magazine got delivered successfully to the door, woohoo 
Am revising now for Wednesday

Which Character from Doug are you?

You are Judy Funnie, Doug's dramatic older sister.You attend high school at the Moody school of Arts, and are somewhat gifted in creativeness. You enjoy dressing up, reading plays, and torturing your brother (like when he broke a vase that your mom didn't even like, and blackmailed him).You are never seen without your baret and your black sunglasses.You have often played such roles as:Doug's sick cousin Melvin.A theatre critic.Pretty much yourself, you are a character.You are a good sister, though. You sometimes help Doug up and put aside your differences, like when you both got rid of your evil, over-strict babysitter while your parents were on a vacation.Notable episodes: There are two. One, when your mother invited your boyfriend over to your house. You were so worried about your family embarrassing you, that you wrote a script and made your parents pretend to be foreign dignitaries, and forced your own brother, Doug, to be a butler. Doug was upset by this, so he cornered your boyfriend, secretly, and pretended to be a secret agent, undercover. After a stilted conversation during dinner, the dinner ends up in agony. Then Judy's boyfriend admits he likes her family the way they are.Another episode is when Judy is chosen to direct Doug's school's anual, boring, traditional pageant about the founders of Bluffington. Doug is cast as the horse's bottom, oposite to Roger's top. He worries that Judy will embarrass him, but instead, she changes the production to a new-age, avant garde production. Jebediah Bluff is an astronaut, flying and landing on a planet, populated by some of the castmembers as food. Doug gets a better part, sitting on the side, wearing a baret and sunglasses and playing the bongos. The kids rap, accompanied by the bongos. However, word gets out about Judy's re-write, and there is an outrage, due to Judy not sticking to the traditional script used year-by-year. Judy is fired, and the first act of the pageant goes on as planned, with the audience sleeping, and the play turning into a flop. That was until Judy, masquarading as a theatre critic, goes backstage and tells them "the show must go on," and continues the show as her re-write. The audience loves it, and Doug has a new view of his sister.My advice: You are wicked creative. Keep on expressing yourself. Also, don't worry about being embarrassed by your family. They love you, and when you become famous, you can change your name.
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