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Hi Guys and Ghouls

Finally finished the second chapter of deadly allies
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Title: Deadly Allies: Chp 2
Rating: PG 13(12). Just to be on the safe side
He was a little shaken by the letter but didn’t let it show on his face. When he got home, Claire swore that he was a little bit more distant than usual with her and she knew something was up. He had barely touched his dinner that evening.
Later, Claire put the children to bed and came downstairs to confront her husband.
‘What is wrong?’ she asked him. He looked at her and his gaze softened. ‘My mother was in contact with me’ he told her producing the letter from his shirt pocket and handing it to her to read. Her eyes widened and she brought the letter close to her as she finished reading it. She was more in a state of disbelief than he was a couple of hours earlier.
‘What will we do?’ she asked her husband.
‘I think that we should trust it, she helped me escape her house when I found out about Utterson and helped me to relocate to here. She has never led us wrong before’ he told her.
Claire woke the boys and packed a bag pack. Tom packed away all the e-mails from Sophia and the letter he had received. It was at times like this that he wished that Hyde was still with him, even if he was a psychopath.
Five minutes to midnight. They waited, Tom and Claire holding their sons close. They suddenly were alerted to the sounds of angry growls and scuffling. This continued for a few more minutes before they heard a loud crack. Then the doorbell rang.
Tom opened the door cautiously, not knowing what to expect, what he was greeted with came as a shock to him. He was in his mind expecting some kind of biped animal; instead he was greeted by a regular height gaunt woman.
‘Dr Jackman?’ she queried. ‘Yes’ he replied.
‘I was sent by Sophia, I’m Crystal’ she said adding ‘they have already tried to come for you’.
‘How do you know?’ he asked her rather puzzled.
‘Because I have already killed one of them’ she told him and looked to her side.
He followed her gaze and noticed then a body of a biped overgrown animal hybrid, its neck snapped like a twig. 

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