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Pretty much sums up my week:

Went to Dublin on Tuesday and stayed for two nights because we went to the blistering Metallica gig in Marlay Park. We went to the Hugh Lane gallery to the 100 year exhibition. Was quite a treat for me. Got some of my college books up there also and some stuff in Asha.
Went to the gig then, it was brillo. Tenacious D supported them, twas brillo, got there just in time for their set.and got loads of video of the gig too.

Was looking through the papers for the reviews. Best coverage goes to The Irish Times by far. We got two pics of the gig in both the Thursday and Friday edition and a lovely well rounded review in Fridays edition. They really knew their stuff. The Irish (Indie) independant was a different story. Giving a fairly lacklustre amount of coverage in Thursdays paper and failing to show any review until Saturday and even then they put the most critical eejit on the job, that being Ed Power who had the gall to compare Metallica to REM and U2, they are not even in the same league as Metallica. But I shouldn't be surprised, after all this is the same idiot who reported on the Nightwish gig.

Was in Galway on Friday in the afternoon with the parents, I went to HMV for the new Slipknot album 'All Hope id Gone' and the Dragonforce album 'Ultra Beatdown' and also got my hand on the DVD of 'Metallica: Some Kind of Monster' and 'Cinema Paradiso' as well as getting the graphic novel of 'Persepolis'(well I wanted to check it out before I rented the DVD). Anywho, to cut a long story short, on the way home, my Mum drops the bombshell that I'm going to New York next month to celebrate getting my diploma! Still cannot believe it, am in shock

Totally forgot about the Doctor Who weekend on Sci Fi as I was busy, have seen most of Saturdays eps anyways. An waiting to see 'Earthshock' and 'Warriors of the Deep' tomorrow and 'The Two Doctors' on Monday(which is apparantly a Bank Holiday in Britain)

Last but certainly not least is the news that BBC Four are showing 'Takin over the Asylum' with David Tennant on Saturdays now at 10. Am really impressed with him in it, plus it's a double dose of goodness, there are two episodes in a row. I think the 'Chatterly Affair' is going to be on too, but I don't know when, have to make sure to find out when that is

The Chatterley Affair is on this Tuesday at 11:30pm on BBC Four*squee* cannot wait:)

Anywho, that was the week for me,phew and what a week it was


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