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Well, alls well that ends well

Had the class for the dissertation and had Drama and Performance tonight. My throat and sinuses are annoying me, I still have to finish off my antibiotics and I have Halls and Sinutab to help set me right so should be ok. My friend had the flu last week and she told me that the same happened with her whaen se was getting over her flu. Got my dissertation proposal in today, lucky I got it done from the weekend. Now for the report of my weekend.

Amidst getting really sick, I went to Stratford-Upon avon via Birmingham. Was all excited. Found that our hotel was being renovated, so they wern't serving dinner only breakfast.The breakfast was ok(except for the second day when I got sick from it), the hotel room was ok, I mean, I have been in worse. Did the tourist thing, saw the Gower memorial and went on the sightseeing tour, which I enjoyed. Went to the Falstaff experience, the birthplace and where Shakepere was buried.My Dad saw Patrick Stewart go into the theatre when we went to get stuff in the shop, he preceeded to squee like a big fanboy for the rest of the day.


Got there earlier on in the day and went to the theatre to pick up a few things from the shop. Went to the birthplace museum and where Shakepere is buried before going back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. With that done went to the theatre to settle down and get a drink before the performance started after which went it.

The play was brilliant. The style of the play was modern and this was pulled off excellently, with mirror replacing the cloth arras where Hamlet stabs Polonius, but in this production(like the production that I had seen in Galway) he uses a gun to kill him. Another stark difference is the insertion of a cliffhanger at a more(minor) incident in the play of Hamlet contemplating killing Claudius while he prayed.

Hamlet: Now might I do it pat, now he is praying: And now I'll do it (Act 3, Scene 3)

It's unusual as usually they take the break after the mousetrap scene.

Anywho, enough of that. Not since my very first play'Tarry Flynn' that I went to see up in Dublin in the Abbey did I experience such a creeky stage, I thought it was brillo, you could hear the actors going back and forth around the round stage, caught a glimpse of David ater the scene in which he drags away Polonius. He came back round the left hand side to go to the other side of the theatre, so had a little squee.  David Tennant and Patrick Stewart and were both brillo as Hamlet and Claudius. After the performance was finished, I can honestly say I don't know what came over me. I ran to the stage door to se David(I have found out that I am a good runner on heels)


I did give into my fan instincts I admit, I got the program signed. Took photos and clips. What was weird was I didn't squee inwardly then when I was there. I just stood there, a little tired but thrilled that I got up to the railings. And he was, I found,as I expected. He was a really comfortable person to be in the presence of. He was so chilled I thought. I like that.

Had a chuckle to myself when I got back to the hotel thinking to myself that I would be good Doctor Who companion material as I liked to run, har*^_^*, how fangirl of me 



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