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Deadly Allies part 3

Title: Deadly Allies: Chp 3
Rating: PG 13(12), will change though.
He looked back at her in disbelief before he spoke to her again. ‘Why do you want to help me?’ he asked her. ‘Because she wants to hurt you, experiment on you, kill you if necessary and she’ll stop at nothing’ Crystal replied adding ‘ I won’t let that happen, not to you, not to your family’.
‘You sound as if you know what you are talking about’ he said. ‘Oh, I do Dr Jackman, believe me’ she replied. It was strange, but for a moment he swore that he could see her eyes well up with tears before she quickly looked away.
‘They will be coming soon. They send a scout ahead to try and assess the area and to forcefully pen in those they are sent after, we have to go’ she told him. Footsteps could be heard in the hallway, it was Claire. ‘You must be Crystal’ she said rather coolly.  ‘Yes Mrs Jackman’ she replied adding ‘I take it that you have heard what I had said’
‘Yes, and I think that it’s time we should be leaving, don’t you’ she replied. Crystal nodded in acknowledgment. Claire told the boys to come with her and collect the bag; however crystal stopped her at the door. ‘Don’t let your children see the body’ she told her. With that she moved out of Claire’s way. Clair walked on quickly with the boys. Tom went out after her and shut out the door.
‘There is a safe house just a day away, we’ll stop there’ Crystal told the Jackmans. They continued to walk until morning until they came to a small village. The Jackmans went inside to a local coffee shop that was open early. Crystal kept a watchful eye outside for any hybrids from Klein & Utterson.
‘She’s a strange one, I give you that’ Claire commented adding ‘She is so distant with us’. ‘I suppose we don’t know her, we shouldn’t be presumptuous with her’ Tom said adding ‘We know what happened before when you did that with me’ giving her a playful look. ‘Hey!’ she replied in a tone of mock hurt. ‘I’ll ask her does she want some breakfast’ he told Claire and got up and went outside.
Crystal’s senses were fully alert. She heard every sound and smelt every smell. She knew that they were coming. She stared straight ahead.
Tom went out to Crystal. He just glimpsed over at her, she was concerned with something. She then turned to Tom, her gaze suddenly softened. ‘Hi’ she said to him. ‘So, why help us, what did she do to you’ he questioned her. She looked at him as if to say <<Don’t go there>>. However, her gaze softened again. ‘Sorry, I’ll tell you when I’m ready’ He looked at her thoughtfully and wondered what was stopping her from telling him now. Then he remembered what he had come out to ask her. ‘Oh, would you like something to eat?’ he asked her. ‘Not exactly at this moment, I’ll get something before we leave, Thanks’ she told him. With that he went back inside.
Crystal continued at what she was doing.

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