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Deadly Allies: Chp 4

Argh, meant to get this chapter up yesterday, but I was still tired from the Stones gig

Title: Deadly Allies: Chp 4
Rating: PG 13(12), will change though.
She felt a prickly feeling at the back of her neck at that moment that she had felt once before. When she looked over at the Jackmans, she could swear that she saw a dark figure standing over Dr Jackman and his family. And at that moment, she felt a pang of fear that she hadn’t felt for over two years.
He was back; Tom could feel him inside his head. Weakened though, just watching him. The return of his other self was sudden, but not as direct as it had been with him in the past. Hyde just waited there, at the back of his mind watching him; Tom feared that Hyde would get stronger, as he did before.
Claire knew that there was something wrong. That look on her husband’s face was one that she had not seen in over six months. It was a look of worry and struggle. Crystal knew they were coming and went inside to the coffee shop. ‘We have a problem, Dr Jackman, we have to go’ she told him adding ‘they’re coming for us’. The Jackmans quickly got up from where they were sitting, paid and rushed out.
They kept on moving all day until nightfall. They finally rested inside a wooded area. Crystal left the Jackmans alone. Tom saw her leave and followed her. She stopped and turned to him. ‘What?’ she asked. ‘Twice you have avoided my question, I want to know’ he told her. ‘I only tell those I trust’ she told him. He began to walk away, then stopped and looked back at her rather annoyed. ‘You know, I’ve put my trust already in you, I entrusted my family’s life with you, and you’re a total stranger that my mother sent to look after us, for all I know you could be working for them. My last friend of twenty years betrayed my trust because he was working for them. But I decided to trust you blindly, so don’t talk to me about trust.’
There it was again. The feeling she got before. She looked over at him at that moment she felt her heart jump in her chest. It was Hyde, standing just beside Tom. The shock must have registered on her face. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked her. ‘It’s nothing’ she replied adding ‘Are you ok, Dr Jackman?’ ‘Tom, please call me Tom, for God sake’ he corrected her. ‘Ok then…Tom, are you ok’ she asked him again. ‘Yes’ he replied. ‘I don’t think so’ she told him. She was right, Hyde was there again, getting stronger, but he tried to ignore him. He tried to swallow the lump that had caught in his throat. ‘Why? He asked her. ‘Because your heart rate went up when you replied to my question’ she told him.
<<Oooh, she’s good>> he heard Hyde say rather amused at what he had just witnessed. ‘He’s back isn’t he’ she asked him. ‘Yes’ he replied adding puzzled ‘how do you know.’ ‘Because of what was done to me’ she replied.

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