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Being Human 0_0 Check it out

 Being Human was just the biz tonight. I mean, will tide me over until Doctor Who in Easter. It was just the best. Love werewolves and was very impressed with the Tovey transformations. Now we know why George was so against having the wolf in the house, did you see the state of it.  All the people in the wood,LOL so funny. It was good that apart from the mini vids available on the site, we also got to see new stuff during the ep with George being bitten and Mitchell and Annie and their stories.Nice twist having Mitchell transform the girl in A & E. So sad with the girl he and George fancied at the end dying/being turned, I don't know for sure. At least it wasn't Mitchell that did it. Was very surprised with the new(irish ZOMG) Mitchell. He is a good replacement and makes me feel more for Mitchell as a character, he shows more emotion,HAH!. Twas so sad with Annie being seen by everyone except her ex-fiance then her having a bit of a setback and refusing to leave the house again because of all the monsters they encounter, the actress playing replacement Annie is good also. George and Annie have a really touching scene in it when George trys to console Annie('Hooray for Us') and tells her that 'You're much prettier, and much nicer', I was totally thinking when they had that nice scene together that they were definatly ship worthy. But I'm so conflicted because the same thing also kinda happens between Annie and Mitchell.I'll see in time, it's only episode one after all(well, if you ignore the pilot last year). Next week is just looks like the biz. The guy that knows about George being a werewolf in the trailer for next weeks ep is the same guy that played Shakespere in Season 3 of Doctor Who(Dean Lennox Kelly as Tully)*squee* can't wait. I think he is another werewolf, we met him first in the woods that George finds himself in before going back into the house to change.

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