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Title: Analogue of the Wolf
Author: Lionesskeeper
Rated: PG
Character: George
Spoilers: Spoilers for Episode 6.
Summary: George thinks about the people in his life and what he was going to become  
Disclaimer: The brilliant George and the evil Herrick are not mine. Being Human is not mine. The BBC owns it and its Toby Whithouse’s lovely baby.The phrase of 'Analogue of the Wolf' is lovingly ripped from the movie 'Wolf' and does not belong to me

George was never really too comfortable with the wolf in his mind. When he transformed each time, he died and it was born again. However, this time it was different. He craved it, for the first time ever he actually needed it on his side. It was the only thing that could save his friends. As much as he hated to even admit it, he was the only person who could stop Herrick. For all intent and purpose, Mitchell had no chance against Herrick, and the stuff that Mitchell did in the past was not who he was now, he was better than that, more human. Although, Mitchell just thought that he was becoming more distant from humans, he had seen Mitchell’s anger and frustration over killing people, taking too much blood from them in that they would eventually die, or worse, be made a vampire like him.

He waited, unsure if Herrick would actually believe that Mitchell would meet him in a cell of all places.


He had the thought float around in his head, what if he couldn’t beat Herrick. What would happen to Mitchell and Annie? Probably some unspeakable torture of some sorts, they were his friends, he wasn’t going to let that happen. After all, tonight he was the one with the trump card. He couldn’t tell Annie what he had planned; she would have gotten Mitchell to stop him. But he couldn’t abandon his friends, despite what Annie originally thought.


<<She didn’t let me hug her>> he thought sadly. Then he thought of Nina, in a sense he had been unfair with her, she did share the fact that she had that horrible scar on her belly. And although he wanted to share everything, he feared that she wouldn’t believe him, or hate him for what he was, or worse, he might hurt her. He had to dump her by letter. Something which was very un-George like, but he had to keep her safe.


He started to grow more and more impatient as time went on. Eventually footsteps, he felt a tingle of anticipation. Herrick walked confidently into the room expecting to see Mitchell. George pushed the door closed.


Herrick turned and looked at him somewhat surprised and at the same time somewhat bemused.


‘We wanted to be quiet’ George told him adding ‘We would have stayed hidden forever’

He felt it at the back of his own mind, clawing to get out. <<Stay calm, not yet>> he told it, not like it would listen to him, it never did. His senses were sharper than before. He pointed cautioning Herrick then. At that moment, he noticed that the wolf had stopped clawing to get out in his mind, as if listening intently to what George had to say next.


‘You shouldn’t have gone for Mitchell’ he felt a rage building up within him; it was his own human rage, and for once not the wolf’s own.


‘It got my attention’ he revelled in the rage and finally understood how the wolf felt with this type of rage, uninhibited. It was the instinct which was what was kicking in, the first inkling of the wolf in his mind, in his mind he took down the barrier between him and it.


He could feel the hairs stand on end on his neck.

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