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Sorry am watching my Jekyll DVD and ep 2. I love that scene
Tis cooler with the added bits left in, gotta love those extras 
Eee, next chp. of my jekyll fanfic is ready

Deadly Allies Chp. 5

Title: Deadly Allies: Chp 5
Rating: PG 13(12), will change though.
‘You wanted to know what had been done, what I am, well I’ll tell you’ she said. ‘Your mother told you what I was’ she asked him. ‘Yes, an animal hybrid’ he replied. ‘Yes I’m that, but I would have been something else if Sophia hadn’t saved me two years ago’ she told him. ‘What exactly do you mean when you say “something else”? ‘He asked her. ‘It wasn’t Carver that was meant to be sent to bring you in it was meant to be sent to bring you in, it was me. The only thing is, is that it’s hard to track someone who has escaped and effectively disappeared from their sight’ she told him.
‘Sophia explained it to me while she was still awake. My blood type had an anomaly contained deep in its cellular composition that could be manipulated in a certain way; change that and my whole DNA changes into something else. But they required something different from me. At what time, according to what Sophia told me, Klein and Utterson were impressed by how I displayed leadership skills unparalleled to anyone with that anomaly they had observed. So they forced me into the back of the black van and brought me in. I was sedated, propped upright on a metal table and given the injection. It contained, along with the hybrid serum, a cultured solution of Jekyll DNA. I first knew about that part of me when I met Sophia for the first time’ she told him.
<<She’s telling the truth>>he heard Hyde say at the back of his head. ’How did you escape?’ he asked her, choosing to ignore Mr. Hyde as best he could. ‘Sophia freed me, in the night when everyone was gone home and Utterson was asleep, she also told me about how I would have had my mind wiped and trained to find you, she told me to run, so I did. I found a way to hack into the computers at K and U to help find out what they were doing. Then Hyde started to emerge and their attention shied away from finding me. I kept my head down, befriended a group of first generation K and U hybrid descendants. I got betrayed by one of them too. That’s why I don’t trust easily’ she told him.
Her attention shifted then. She had picked something up, shuffling. Hyde had heard it as well as his attention shifted too. <<Someone’s coming, it’s not safe>> Hyde told him. Panic registered on his face, his family, they were in danger. ‘He knows that they’re coming, doesn’t he. We have to go’ she told him. He nodded in agreement. As she walked she spoke to him. ‘It shouldn’t take long to reach the house, I want you to keep running until you get there, don’t stop for anything. I’ll hold them off’ she told him adding ‘I won’t see a family’s life destroyed and split up just so they can be experimented on’.
They hurried back to Claire and the children. Crystal helped them pack and hurried them on in front of her. Tom and Claire held their children close as they ran.
Everything around them blurred as they ran. Then they saw it, the safe house. It was then that Crystal was pounced on by a hybrid.   

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